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  • CATAPULT Timothy

    Bred for spring vigor and summer regrowth, Catapult comes out of the ground fast with rapid recovery after cutting. Its superior stand persistence lasts all-season and continues year after year. Ideal companion for legumes, other forage grasses, or as a pure stand.

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  • CONQUEST Timothy

    Conquest is an early maturing timothy variety, reaching 50% head emergence at approximately the same time as Clair and Summit and two weeks earlier than Climax. Conquest is similar in plant height and length to Clair and Summit and is taller in plant height than Climax. Conquest was bred for higher forage yields, greater foliar disease resistance, faster spring green up and improved summer regrowth. Conquest is ideally suited for pasture mixes, especially when used with alfalfa and can tolerate moderate to continuous grazing, but does best under rotational grazing. Conquest is the hay and pasture grass of choice for horse and other livestock owners who demand high quality forage.

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  • EXPRESS II Timothy

    Express II is a late maturing timothy variety with a heading date approximately one week later than Climax and a substantial yield advantage as show in the tech sheet in the Download section below. Express II is taller in plant height and has longer panicle than Climax along with superior foliar disease resistance. Express II is excellent in mixtures with legumes and for fields where later hay harvests are required due to wet soil conditions. In pure stands, Express II’s high forage yield and quality makes it ideal for premium horse and other livestock hay.

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  • SADDLEBRED Timothy

    Saddlebred Timothy is a variety selected for its earlier maturing characteristics. It is well suited for the farmer looking for the many advantages of Climax, but would like earlier maturity. Saddlebred has been bred in competition with other grasses and legumes, and therefore, makes it reliable in all grass mixtures. Saddlebred, in dry matter yield tests has out yielded other timothy varieties, including Climax, by 5-10%. Saddlebred is highly resistant to leaf rust, leaf spot and purple eyespot. Seed at 8-10 lbs. alone, 4-6 lbs. in mixes.

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  • Summergraze Timothy

    Late maturing timothy for high quality hay and pasture application. Selected for high yields, winter survival and persistence. Summergraze combines high leaf expression and good spring vigor that blends very well with legumes and other grasses.

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