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  • ALPINE II Orchardgrass

    Later maturing with very good persistence and winter hardiness. Produces high yields cutting after cutting and under hard intense grazing. Dense and aggressive, tolerates heat, poor fertility and low soil moisture. Good resistance to Foliar rust and leaf spot diseases.

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  • BOUNTY II Orchardgrass

    Farm Science Genetics®. Early maturity variety and outstanding yield potential. Ideal for hay production or pastures. Excellent plant vigor, quick recovery after cutting with great palatability. Drought tolerance and improved Foliar disease resistance. Straight stands or grass and legume mixtures. EXCELLENT FOR GRAZING! Seed at 15-18 lbs. alone, 4-6 lbs. in mixes.

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  • DEVOUR Orchardgrass

    Developed to withstand the rigors of intensive grazing systems which can destroy lesser varieties. Extended periods of hoof traffic and feeding won’t deter Devour. Quick to establish, out competing weeds, and producing a better, high yielding pasture. Late maturing can be seeded with clover or alfalfa. High NDFD- very palatable.

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  • EXTEND Orchardgrass

    Farm Science Genetics®. Late maturity with superior yield potential.  Good maturity fir with alfalfa.  Excellent plant vigor, increased stand persistence, drought tolerance, stem rust resistance and great palatability. Seed at 15-20 lbs. alone, 3-6 lbs. in mixes.

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  • RUSHMORE II Orchardgrass

    An early maturing orchardgrass ideal for use in grazing and hay operations. Rushmore II exhibits excellent winter hardiness making it an ideal fit for colder norther climates. With improved disease resistance, excellent establishment and persistence, Rushmore II can withstand grazing well.

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  • TRAILBURST Orchardgrass

    A tall and high yielding and persistent orchardgrass with a very dense and aggressive regrowth.  Great seedling vigor. Dual purpose for hay and grazing.

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