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  • Alfa-Sow™

    FSG 426 Alfalfa and Extend Hulled Orchardgrass Mix

    (90% FSG 426 Alfalfa • 10% Extend Orchardgrass)

    FSG 426 alfalfa and Extend “Easy Sow” hulled orchardgrass makes the perfect blend for your high production hay acres. These varieties will help ensure the perfect blend that will not bridge in your drill like regular orchardgrass. Don’t waste your time blending your seed at the planter or worrying about two separate seed boxes – JUST FILL YOUR SEED BOX AND SOW YOUR FIELDS! FSG 426 alfalfa is treated with both All-Vantage™ and Aquabond™ to promote germination and stand establishment.

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  • Pro Beef

    Maximize beef animal per acre return. High-quality ingredients blended in the proper rations.

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  • Pro Dairy

    Maximize the performance of dairy cattle. Grasses and clover provide yield, nutrition, stand persistence and disease resistance.

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  • Pro Horse

    Formulated to meet the special needs of horses, while withstanding intense grazing pressure.

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  • SEEDWAY® S100 Pasture Mix

    Long lasting mixture of high performing alfalfa and an endophyte free tall fescue to give persistence.

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  • SEEDWAY® S150 Forage Mix

    High forage quality combining top ranking alfalfa with timothy to provide higher yields.

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  • SEEDWAY® S200 Forage Mix

    A mixture that will tolerate wetter soils as well as well drained soils, and provide excellent forage yields and quality.

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  • SEEDWAY® S250 Forage Mix

    An alfalfa and grass mixture that will produce on a wide range of soil types and conditions.

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  • SEEDWAY® S325 Forage Mix

    Ideal mixture for ground that lies wetter than normal. Consists of species that do well in wetter areas as well as better conditions. High yielding with excellent forage quality makes this mix suitable for river bottom fields and low lying areas. Species are all soft leaf which increases palatability and will dry down quickly to make dry hay. There are no alkaloid or endophyte issues with the species in this mixture.

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  • SEEDWAY® S350 Forage Mix

    High yielding mixture that will dry down fast and provide excellent feed and hay quality.

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  • SEEDWAY® S400 Forage Mix

    A red clover based mix with enough timothy to balance the ration and provide excellent stand for 3 years.

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  • SEEDWAY® S450 Forage Mix

    Economical mix to cover the basic needs for a legume and grass mixture.

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