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    SG 0720XT

    Excellent adaptation over various soil types. Good standability. Above average White Mold tolerance.

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    SG 1455E3

    Gray/Tan with excellent standability. Excellent lodging resistance. SCN and BSR resistant. Strong Phytophthora field tolerance. Performs on variable soils and in wide or narrow row systems.

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    SG 1543XT

    Standability, White Mold Tolerance, disease tolerance it’s the complete package! 70% win ratio against all of competition in its maturity range.

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    SG 155C

    Complete agronomic and disease package. Yielding 106% of the mean in plots with traited soybeans.

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    SG 1708 GT27

    Excellent standability. Outstanding White Mold tolerance. Complete disease package. Broadly adapted and holds yields across different environments.

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    SG 1776

    A MUST PLANT SOYBEAN. Good White Mold resistance. Excellent resistance to Phytophthora Root Rot, Brown Stem Rot and Sudden Death Syndrome. Excellent standability. SG 1776 yielded 87.41 bu/ acre winning the overall NYS Soybean Yield Champion in 2016.

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    SG 1863XT

    Rock star on yield and standability. Broad adaption across late group 1. Outstanding White Mold tolerance. 76% win rate against mid to late group 1 beans.

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    SG 1945E3

    Win rate over 80% for yield in White Mold environments. Excellent White Mold resistance. Consistent yield over a wide geography.

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    SG 2055XT

    New level of yield performance. White Mold tolerance equal to SG 1863XT. Outstanding genetic package, longer maturity sister line to SW 1863XT with strong disease tolerance. Tall, bushy plant that has strong white mold resistance and impressive standability. Sets a large number of pods for very high yield potential, even in high stress conditions. Handles a variety of field conditions and still performs well on heavy wet ground, exhibits very good and fast dry down even in tough fall conditions. Good fit for all row widths, strong performance across all tillage situations.

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    SG 206C

    Yellow hilum with above average protein. Resistant to SCN and strong IDC scores. Moves south very well.

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    SG 2209E3

    Excellent yield performance across multiple years and test sites. Attractive gray/tan plant with impressive standability.

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    SG 2217 GT27

    New YIELD KING variety in the early-group II maturity. Attractive light tawny color. Moves well East and West of the Central zone. Very good IDC tolerance and above average SWM. Good – Very Good SDS scores.

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