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  • SG 0720XT

    Tall, medium bushy plant with excellent adaptation over various soil types. Above average White Mold tolerance with good standability. Excellent emergence. Seed treatment should be used where Phytophthora Root Rot pressure is expected.

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  • SG 1077XT

    Excellent standability for this Early-Group I variety. Rockstar performer adapted to all environments. Long term internal strip trials prove that this one will win the Early-Group I contest. 2020 NYS Regional Soybean Yield Contest winner.

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  • SG 1320E3

    Next-level yields in this Early-Group I Enlist E3®. More consistent, higher yielding and earlier maturing replacement for SG 1455E3. Stands better with a cleaner appearance in high yield environments. Maintains good health, height, and width under stress.

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  • SG 1432XTF

    Best package of yield and White Mold tolerance available in XtendFlex® variety for New York State. Attractive light tawny plant resists Stem Canker. Replaces SG 1543XT.

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  • SG 155C

    Conventional variety with no herbicide tolerance. Good tolerance to moderate White Mold, Phytophthora Root Rot, and Brown Stem Rot. Aggressive early season growth fills the canopy and competes with weeds quickly.

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  • SG 1708 GT27

    Excellent emergence and standability with a light tawny finish at harvest. Great disease package including strong tolerance to White Mold and Brown Stem Rot resistance. Broadly adapted and holds its yield potential across different environments.

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  • SG 1863XT

    Rock star on yield and standability. Broad adaption across late group 1. Outstanding White Mold tolerance. 76% win rate against mid to late group 1 beans.

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  • SG 1945E3

    Win rate over 80% for yield in White Mold environments. High yielding Late-Group I variety that is a great choice for variable soil types and productivity levels. Holds good plant height under stress.

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  • SG 2055XT

    A later maturing relative of the SG 1863XT and New York Soybean Overall Yield Contest winner in 2020. Rugged plant type maintains height and yield across variable soil types. Proven winner!

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  • SG 206C

    Yellow hilum with above average protein. Resistant to SCN and strong IDC scores. Moves south very well.

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  • SG 2120E3

    New level of yield and consistency for Enlist E3® in this Early-Group II variety. Medium tall rugged plant that handles stress, stands well, and handles moderate White Mold pressure.

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  • SG 2217 GT27

    New YIELD KING variety in the early-group II maturity. Above average White Mold tolerance coupled with unmatched yield potential. Handles stress or high yield environments and tawny/tan plant looks good doing it. Resists Stem Canker and has good field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot.

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