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  • 9558SBR (Snout Beetle Tolerant)

    Cornell University developed. Selected from the same branching-root material as SEEDWAY varieties Regen and 9558. 1st alfalfa variety with any resistance to snout beetle. Undergone 7 cycles of selection and evaluated under conditions where alfalfa snout beetle is naturally present. Exhibits improved yield performance under snout beetle pressure. Well adapted to Northeast growing conditions and environments. Use as part as a comprehensive snout beetle management plan including nematode control. 9558SBR showed 39% of plants had class 1, 2, and 3 resistance to snout beetle when root damage was rated on a 5 class scale (1=no root damage).

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    Widely adapted two-row Malting Barley. AAC Synergy produces heavy, plump kernels and short, strong straw with good resistance to lodging. Desirable malting quality profile with higher malt extract. With a combination of high yield, good foliar disease resistance and excellent malting quality.

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  • AberLasting White X Kura Clover

    The goal behind the development of AberLasting was to produce a hybrid between white clover (Trifolium repens) and Caucasian clover (Trifolium ambiguum) that incorporated the desirable traits of both species. White clover is by far the most widely used temperate forage legume in grazed pasture for well-established reasons. It is nitrogen fixing, fast growing, highly digestible and high in protein but exhibits only limited persistency under more extreme environmental stress. The closely related Caucasian clover is superficially similar, has similar nutritional characteristics to white clover but has much greater persistency under extreme conditions of stress.

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  • ADMIRAL Meadow Bromegrass

    Admiral is a high yielding spring forage that’s extremely winter hardy. Very palatable with an aggressive re-growth. Dark green in color.

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  • Alfa-Sow™

    FSG 426 Alfalfa and Extend Hulled Orchardgrass Mix

    (90% FSG 426 Alfalfa • 10% Extend Orchardgrass)

    FSG 426 alfalfa and Extend “Easy Sow” hulled orchardgrass makes the perfect blend for your high production hay acres. These varieties will help ensure the perfect blend that will not bridge in your drill like regular orchardgrass. Don’t waste your time blending your seed at the planter or worrying about two separate seed boxes – JUST FILL YOUR SEED BOX AND SOW YOUR FIELDS! FSG 426 alfalfa is treated with both All-Vantage™ and Aquabond™ to promote germination and stand establishment.

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  • Alfamax HD 2 Plus

    ALFAMAX HD® 2 PLUS is a high forage yielding, high forage quality HD® alfalfa variety from the Legacy breeding program. ALFAMAX HD® 2 PLUS is protected by a broad spectrum of pest resistance package. ALFAMAX HD® 2 PLUS is bred from Legacy’s non-GMO breeding program.  Exceptionally high forage yield potential. Outstanding forage quality attributes. Solid disease resistance package.

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  • ALPINE II Orchardgrass

    Later maturing with very good persistence and winter hardiness. Produces high yields cutting after cutting and under hard intense grazing. Dense and aggressive, tolerates heat, poor fertility and low soil moisture. Good resistance to Foliar rust and leaf spot diseases.

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  • ARID Smooth Bromegrass

    Arid Smooth Brome is a new generation of smooth brome developed to be more drought tolerant, less aggressive rhizomes, high yielding and with good regrowth potential. Due to its high forage yield and quality, Arid is great for hay production or green chop. Developed to be less aggressive than other smooth bromes, Arid works great in pastures with other species too.

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  • BEARCAT Red Clover

    Complimented by aggressive regrowth and a superior disease resistance package, it has shown outstanding stand persistence and high forage yield. With its strong disease resistance, hardiness, and aggressive regrowth it’s proven to be consistently productive in adverse environments.

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  • BIGBANG Annual Ryegrass

    A tetraploid selected for early heading, yield and disease resistance. It provides high quality forage, consistent yields and excellent regrowth. Bigbang is highly adaptable for use as a cover crop, its deep roots build soil structure and increase organic matter

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  • BOUNTY II Orchardgrass

    Farm Science Genetics®. Early maturity variety and outstanding yield potential. Ideal for hay production or pastures. Excellent plant vigor, quick recovery after cutting with great palatability. Drought tolerance and improved Foliar disease resistance. Straight stands or grass and legume mixtures. EXCELLENT FOR GRAZING! Seed at 15-18 lbs. alone, 4-6 lbs. in mixes.

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  • CATAPULT Timothy

    Bred for spring vigor and summer regrowth, Catapult comes out of the ground fast with rapid recovery after cutting. Its superior stand persistence lasts all-season and continues year after year. Ideal companion for legumes, other forage grasses, or as a pure stand.

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