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    HydroStraw™ All Purpose Straw™


    All Purpose Straw™ is a Heat and Mechanically (H.M.T.) straw product designed for use on new seedings, pet bedding, and mulching gardens. It brings the value of baled straw into the convenience of an all weather bag. Specifically formulated to be hand applied.



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    Seed Aide® CoverGrow™ Granular Mulch


    Not For Sale To Canada

    Seed Aide® CoverGrow™ is an advanced technology granular mulch made from recycled wood and cellulose fibers. Once applied to a seeded area and activated by water, the granules quickly expand and disperse to provide outstanding protection and water-holding performance right where it’s needed—whether you’re spot treating smaller bare spots, or applying on larger areas, CoverGrow™ is the easy and convenient way to establish vegetation.

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    Turface® MVP®


    Not For Sale To Canada

    Standing up to intense athletic traffic, Turface® MVP® provides solid, safe footing throughout the season. Used on athletic fields from the major leagues to local parks and recreation facilities, the product conditions soil to relieve compaction and manage moisture across baseball and softball infields. Turface® MVP® can be incorporated into a new or existing field, or applied as a top dressing to improve the surface and reduce bad ball hops that can cause injury.

    Also effective when applied to turf, Turface MVP absorbs excess water to prevent muddy, torn-up turf; conditions the soil to resist compaction; and adds permanent water and air-holding space to help strengthen turf grass plants and aid in turf recovery. Used on fields across the country, Turface MVP is the leading product to make athletic fields safer and more playable.

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    Turface® Professional Mound Clay®


    Not For Sale To Canada

    A premier, 100% virgin clay featuring high density for superior durability and unmatched wear resistance; also offers easy pliability and shaping on mounds or around home plate. Also works well for horseshoe or quoit pits.

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    Turface® QuickDry®


    Not For Sale To Canada

    After a rain, Turface® QuickDry® makes muddy, slippery conditions a thing of the past. QuickDry will not cake, become slippery or leave an infield rock-hard upon drying. It features easy application as a topdressing during and after rains. Just apply QuickDry to wet areas or puddles, let the product begin to absorb the moisture, and rake the area to return to play time and time again. There is a reason Quick Dry is called the Game Saver!

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