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  • HYOCTANE Winter Forage Triticale

    HyOctane is a winter triticale variety that has shown favorable forage yield and winter hardiness across the East Coast. HyOctane makes a great option for fall grazing on ensiling in the spring before corn planting. Reduced awned variety to aid livestock palatability. Good early-season vigor and earlier heading date than traditional varieties with a medium straw strength. Very short awns and a very high leaf to stem ratio with excellent yield and quality.

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  • Thor Facultative Triticale

    Awnletted (reduced beard length). Moderate plant height. Good stem strength. Good early seedling vigor. High silage yield. Good silage quality. Adapted widely throughout the Northern US and Northeast. Ideal variety for spring and fall forage mixes. Can be planted in Spring and Fall (facultative variety).

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