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    FORAGE PLUS Spring Forage Oat

    Forage Plus is a spring oat variety used for forage production. Significantly higher forage yields than other commonly used varieties. Late maturing, reaching forage cutting stage 5-7 days later than Belle and Ensiler. Forage Plus has a wide window of harvest. Crown Rust Resistance and good grain yields. Harvest at late boot/very early head stage to maximize quality.

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    Dual-purpose, grain or forage. Forage yield and quality is better than current grain varieties planted for forage. Medium-tall with very good straw strength, good test weight and medium high protein. Jerrys are a medium maturing oat with very good yield stability.

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    KARA Forage Oat

    Kara forage oat is a tall, leafy, forage style oat selected to replace SkiHi Forage oat. With excellent yield and improved resistance to leaf rust, it topped the 2018 Penn State Forage trials.

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