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  • Dells Forage Meadow Fescue

    Dells is the new generation of Forage Meadow Fescue developed in the USA! 2023 Crop Year is the first time for commercial seed to be available. Dells Forage Meadow Fescue exhibits all the usual characteristics found in meadow fescue like high forage quality, superior winter hardiness and tolerance to wet soils.

    Dells also can efficiently tolerate and quickly recover from droughts as observed in recent years at Peak Plant Genetics in Western Oregon. The original germ plasm was selected in the Northeastern US to tolerate frequent and close grazing for horse pastures. This germ plasm was then crossed back with other top producing commercially available seed cultivars for improved forage yield. The result is a robust variety with a strong root system that is better equipped to handle flash droughts as well as periods of high rainfall, water logging and disease pressure.

    Dells is well adapted to the Upper Midwest and Northeastern US cold winters with ongoing testing for its adaptation in other regions.

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  • Dominate Tall Fescue

    Dominate is an endophyte free variety. Outstanding regrowth and color during the summer which maximizes grazing and hay production. Use in pure stands or in combination with legumes. Great for winter stockpiling. Excellent adaptability to varying soil types.

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  • Marquise Meadow Fescue

    Exhibits many facets to out shine other grass varieties. Excellent drought tolerance for dry season conditions. Exceptional forage quality. Ideal for wet soils. Wide soft leaf. When you use Marquis Meadow Fescue your PROFITS are measured in DIAMONDS! Seed at 35-40 lbs. alone, 15-20 lbs. in mixes, 3-8 lbs. with legumes.

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  • PREVAL Meadow Fescue

    Use in forage blends to improve summer productivity for grazing or hay. Medium-maturity.  Excellent palatability and digestibility. Excellent for rotational grazing. High yield with wide, succulent leaves. Good regrowth. Tolerates wet soil and close grazing. Seed at 35-45 lbs. alone, 10-15 lbs. in mixes.

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  • Swaj Soft Leaf Tall Fescue

    SWAJ is a Nordic tall fescue bred for its winterhardiness; specifically, its tolerance to harsh winter conditions characterized by frost, snow and ice. Selected for soft-leaved palatability and feed quality, SWAJ provides improved digestibility and more pounds of gain. Its’ ideal maturity provides complimentary timing and blend compatibility with most hay and pasture uses. SWAJ has a bunch type growth habit, average flag leave size and tall plant height delivering more biomass. A strong disease package includes resistance to crown rust.

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  • TETON II Tall Fescue

    Teton II is fast establishing, exceptionally high yielding, medium maturing, soft leaf tall fescue that is an upright variety with a broad crown, very resistant to diseases. Teton II is well adapted for hay and pasture production and shows excellent persistence. Teton II is endophyte free. Teton II is best suited to high fertility and heavy soils and can withstand acid, alkaline as well as poorly drained soils. Best growth is achieved during spring and fall seasons, with moderate growth during the summer season.

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