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Summer Forage and Seeding Options

Plant in late summer, for fall 2019 harvest, which will produce good to very good yield potential. New ProfitMAX is a new mixture Seedway is offering consisting of a Forage Oat and Survivor Winter Peas. Survivor Winter Peas has more winter hardiness than Austrian Winter Pea so it will grow longer into the season for increased yields and nitrogen fixation. ProfitMAX can be planted in late July or early August for a fall forage crop. ProfitMAX can be very productive as small grains grow very aggressively in the fall.

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Inclement Weather and Black Cutworm

Overall this spring has been difficult on farmers to say the least. The inclement weather this spring permitted most farmers from turning dirt into late June. Not only do the farmers have to combat with the weather this year, but the insect pressures are causing even more issues in the field. Many growers have reported black cutworm present in corn fields across the northeast. While the degree of impact has varied, the presence of cutworms is undeniable.

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Seedway Names Southern Corn and Soybean Specialist

SEEDWAY, LLC is proud to announce that Stacy Martin has accepted the position of SEEDWAY Southern Corn and Soybean Specialist. In her role Stacy will be involved in all aspects of SEEDWAY’s product development, product research, and technical product support for the company’s Southern Farm Seed market area in PA, NJ, MD, and VA.

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Seedway® names Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Seedway, LLC is proud to announce that Lindsey Leisenring has accepted the position of Seedway Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

In her role Lindsey will be involved in all aspects of Seedway’s advertising, promotions and event coordination. Leisenring will be instrumental in working closely with Seedway’s partners as well as literature development, direct advertising, event organization and social media marketing for Seedway’s farm, turf, and vegetable seed divisions.

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Seedway® acquires Skipper Grassing, Inc.

The Skipper Grassing, Inc. acquisition is one of several strategies and brand enhancements introduced under Chief Operating Officer, John Bozeman, as he works to both build a strong portfolio of relevant offerings while providing deep turnkey specialization in key areas, including Seedway’s Lawn & Turf division. “Alan and Abby Skipper have built a company and culture very much like our own. They place their customers first and treat their employees like family.

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Bill Hanks joins Seedway® vegetable sales team

Seedway, LLC is proud to announce that Bill Hanks has accepted the position of SEEDWAY Vegetable Seed Sales Representative for the Nebraska, Kansas, South Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Texas and north Louisiana territory.

In his new role, Bill will provide Seedway commercial vegetable seed customers throughout the territory with personalized seed recommendations and the highest quality service identifying product needs and solutions for individual customers.

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Taking Control of Bur Cucumber before it takes control of your fields

Bur cucumber is part of the Cucurbitaceae or melon family. The leaves are close to circular in shape with 3 to 5 lobes. This plant produces both male and female flowers throughout the summer and dies at the first frost. The fruits produced are yellow in color, covered with prickly bristles, and are found in clusters of 3 to 10. Bur cucumber is normally found in damp soils, along wetlands, roadsides, or fence lines but recently have been found causing problems in agricultural fields, especially in no-till situations.

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Corn Sprouting

Corn kernel sprouting, also known as “Vivipary”, is the premature germination of kernels while still on the cob. Vivipary is not a common problem but it is alarming enough that growers may become concerned. This occurs when the kernels are close to or have already reached black layer stage and are drier than 20 percent grain moisture. The combination of ears being upright, husks falling away from the ear, and warm wet weather can cause premature sprouting.

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Seedway® to acquire vegetable seed business assets of Champion Seed Company

Effective September 1, 2018, Seedway, LLC will acquire the vegetable seed business assets of Champion Seed Company. Since 1959, Champion Seed Company has become a trusted commercial vegetable seed provider to growers throughout Mexico, West Coast, Pacific Northwest, South Central, and Southeast United States.

Upon conclusion of the acquisition on September 4, 2018, Champion Seed Company will then operate and market vegetable seed products under the Seedway Brand.

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