(Hall, NY): SEEDWAY, LLC is proud to announce that Anna Young has accepted the position of Sales Representative for the North and South Carolina Vegetable Seed Division. Her responsibilities will include seed sales and service to commercial growers throughout the region served from SEEDWAY’s Lakeland, Florida facility.

In her new role, Anna will provide commercial vegetable seed customers throughout the territory with personalized seed recommendations and the highest quality service identifying product needs and solutions for individual customers.

Anna is a North Carolina native and spent her education years honing her agricultural knowledge and skills, earning her Bachelor’s Degree from North Carolina State University in 2022. Prior to being hired with SEEDWAY, Anna worked in agricultural sales with a Canadian-based ag company. She also spent time in sales with Southern States Co-op. These experiences have allowed Anna to learn customer service in many forms. She enjoyed being North Carolina Watermelon Queen in 2021 where she was able to visit numerous farms in North Carolina. She is excited to now be able to serve growers in a new capacity – from promotion to supply needs. Anna is well prepared to assist SEEDWAY customers in NC and SC with their crop needs in all stages of the growing process.

Anna brings a wealth of knowledge about the industry and products used within these business markets and
will be a valuable asset to the Southeast Vegetable Seed Division.

To contact Anna Young call or email at: (828) 775-7823 or [email protected]