SEEDWAY Hires Brian Hannon To Lead CEA Vegetable Seed Division

(Hall, NY): SEEDWAY, LLC is proud to announce that Brian Hannon has accepted the position within the Vegetable Seed Division as CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) Sales Representative.

With indoor vegetable production growing in popularity, it has always been SEEDWAY’s goal to bring quality products and varieties that are best suited for the commercial producer.

By utilizing the depth of SEEDWAY’s product portfolio will give Brian leverage when supplying the best suited varieties for CEA growers, including traditional greenhouse and vertical farms.

Brian began his journey with Controlled Environment Agriculture learning plant health and nutrition in the cannabis industry in California. He went on to manage hemp farms in South Carolina before earning a Bachelor’s Degree from North Carolina State University in Horticultural Science Management. He then spent several years in the vertical farming industry, conducting plant science data collection for agricultural technology firms developing artificial intelligence programs and digital farming platforms. He’s worked on academic research projects innovating hydroponic sensor technology, and has experience operating several commercial indoor farming systems, specializing in cultivation of lettuces and leafy greens.

To contact Brian Hannon call or email at: (717) 537-7768 or [email protected]