What Makes SowLogic™ Different?

Choice of Varieties

Unlike other plant programs, SowLogic supplies plants from multiple companies. You can pair a diploid/pollinizer from one company with a triploid from another. Our customers aren’t limited to “bundle” pricing, so you can buy exactly what you want.

Choice of Greenhouse

We work with multiple experienced greenhouse partners to provide high quality transplants, minimize shipping expenses, and increase your options. Major greenhouse partners include: LTF Greenhouses LLC, Mobley Greenhouse Inc., Mobley Plant World, Valdosta Plant Company, Cox Farms, Speedling Ing., Barnett-Partin Plants.

Why Buy Plants?

You will know exactly what your plant production costs will be. You don’t have to buy extra seed in order to ensure the amount of plants you need. Our greenhouse partners are experts at producing plants from multiple species and varieties. For customers with terms, the billing cycle begins when the plants ship.

What Is The Process?

Sit down with your SEEDWAY sales representative, review your choices, and write an order. You select the greenhouse and the number of plants along with the delivery date(s). Orders need to be placed 8 weeks before maturity to guarantee the delivery dates.

Spec Plants

Are you coming up short? Ask your SEEDWAY Sales Representative, we may have plants available.

Have Any Questions about SowLogic?

If you are a grower of watermelons and have questions about grafted plants or any other questions about SowLogic, contact us today!

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