SowLogic™ Partner Greenhouses

Your Choice of Greenhouse

We work with multiple experienced greenhouses to provide high-quality transplants, minimize shipping expenses, and increase your options. Major greenhouse partners include: LTF Greenhouses, LLC, Mobley Greenhouse, Inc., Mobley Plant World, Valdosta Plant Company, Cox Farms, Speedling Inc, Barnett-Partin Plants and many more!

A graphical map of SowLogic greenhouses in the United States

  1. Ketizer Farms | Harford, MI
  2. Roelands Plants | Ontario, Canada
  3. Cox’s Plant Farm | Gaston, DE
  4. Speedling, Inc. | Blairsville, GA
  5. Wilder Plant Company | Moultrie, GA
  6. R&K Greenhouses | Lyons, GA
  1. Valdosta Plant Company | Adel, GA
  2. Mobley Greenhouse, Inc. and Fowler Plant Company | Moultrie, GA
  3. LTF Greenhouses LLC | Tifton, GA
  4. Speedling, Inc. | Bushnell, FL
  5. Barnett-Partin Plants Inc. | Felda, FL
  6. Mobley Plant World | LaBelle, FL
  1. TransGro Greenhouses | Immokalee, FL
  2. Redi Plants | Naples, FL
  3. Speedling, Inc. | McAllen, TX
  4. Tropical Star | Alama, TX

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