Watermelon Grafting

If you are a grower of watermelons and have thought about grafted plants, there are a lot of reasons to move towards the certain future of the watermelon business. Studies have shown again and again the benefits of grafting watermelon production. You can successfully implement this program and save on fertilizer, spray and the constant battle of finding new ground.

SEEDWAY has made arrangements with professional partners to simplify and streamline the grafting program and we will be offering grafted plants alongside our successful SowLogic Plant Program. The same commitment we’ve made with SowLogic, the hassle free, user friendly, order what you need, no more, no less will now be offering grafted watermelon plants.

Have Any Questions about SowLogic?

If you are a grower of watermelons and have questions about grafted plants or any other questions about SowLogic, contact us today!

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