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  • Arnold Rootstock (Primed, Pelleted)

    Features include: fast and uniform germination, a very good disease package that includes fulvia and white mold; a balanced plant with just enough vigor to keep the plants going during a typical high tunnel season. Does well with heirlooms. Order early!

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  • Estamino Rootstock (Primed, Organic)

    Estamino is a strong, vigorous rootstock with a positive generative effect on the growth of the cultivar grafted on it. An Estamino-graft results in a well-balanced plant with good generative growth. It does not have an excessive vegetative effect on the cultivar grafted on it. The balance in plant growth results in a steady production and all cultivars maintain size and productivity until the end of the cultivation cycle. Estamino is definitely a rootstock for growers that have issues with controlling excessive vegetative growth in their crops.


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  • Maxifort Rootstock (Primed)

    Gives growers maximum production and crop performance potential until the end of the crop, providing extra power for long seasons.


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