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Verve Spring Greens (Not Treated)


Verve looks like a collard green but is tender and sweet. The traditional “Spring Greens” from England. Verve is an improved hybrid and can be grown nearly year-round with exceptional holding both in the field and in storage. Grown like a point head cabbage, it can be sold sleeved, like romaine lettuce. It cooks in a flash. If blanched, the outer leaves can be used as wraps.


• Verve is an improvement on the traditional “spring greens” anticipated as the first fresh greens in spring in the England.

• It is grown like a small cabbage spaced at 12” in-row spacing in a double row or 8” in a single row. The head will weigh roughly 2 pounds at harvest and holds well in the field or the cooler. To market, package in a sleeve like romaine (or a perforated plastic bag).

• It is grown like cabbage but it doesn’t head. The flavor is very mild and sweet with a tender texture. The outside leaves are a rich dark green and it makes a slight heart of crisp bright yellow leaves when ready to harvest.

• Looking superficially like collards, it is distinctly different in that it cooks in about 5 minutes. The whole plant is cut and cooked – minus any dirty outside leaves.

• Verve is both tolerant to heat and cold and can be grown in all but the coldest seasons. Not only is Verve a delight to eat, the shelf life is remarkable and it will hold, even cut, without browning, for months.

• Leaves are mostly an even size and can be blanched and rolled around a rice or rice and meat stuffing, then cooked in a broth. For cooking ideas and recipes search for “Spring Greens UK”.

Seed Characteristics

Catalog Type Organic and Untreated
Maturity Days 60
Variety Verve Spring Greens (Not Treated)

M = 1,000 Seed Count
MM = Million Seed Count
1000M = Million Seed Count
100M = 100 Thousand Seed Count

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1 M, 2.5 M, 10 M, 100 M

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