Forage Rye

Grazemaster Winter Forage Rye

Grazemaster is not a ryegrass, it is a leafier winter forage rye that has excellent cold tolerance.When compared to VNS rye it is higher in forage quality, containing higher protein and superior digestibility that is higher in energy.


• Excellent producer of leafy forage from September through May.

• Widely adaptable. Results have been excellent throughout the South.

• Very cold tolerant and highly suitable in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

• Grazemaster is leafier than many other strains of rye. Better lead quality results in a higher quality forage, containing higher protein and calcium with better palatability.

• Grazemaster is very versatile – it performs equally well with beef, milk and sheep operations to
grazing, silage, greenchop and haying.

• Rotates well with summer cash crops and forage crops. Can be interseeded into existing pastures.

• Excellent regrowth following close grazing or cutting.


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