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  • SG 4619XT

    Works best for Mid-South and East coast. Excluder and Stem Canker resistant. Excellent Green Stem Tolerance. Excellent Standability.

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  • SG 4842XT

    Intermediate late group IV that brings STS and is an excluder. Attractive medium plant height that has excellent standability. Excellent Frogeye Leaf tolerance. Key product for productive soils where lodging pressure is high.

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  • SG 5221

    Light tawny pubescence with medium-tall plant height. Excellent emergence for early planting. Indeterminate, STS and excluder. Resistance to Stem Canker and moderate resistance to Sudden Root knot. Excellent Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance and metribuzin resistance.

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  • SG 5366XT

    Potential yield topper! STS stack with resistance to Stem Canker and very nice appearance.

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  • SG 5616

    Medium-tall determinate variety, good standability, salt excluder with excellent Frogeye tolerance. Resistant to metribuzin and root knot.

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  • SG 5718XT

    Well adapted to Eastern growing conditions. Root Know Nematode and Stem Canker resistance. Outstanding yield performance.

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  • SG 6016XT

    Excellent yields on East Coast. Tall determinate line with good standability. Stacked with STS and is a salt excluder. Resistant to Stem Canker.

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  • SG 6985XT

    Variety is determinate, outstanding yield potential. Very attractive line for NC, which is a salt excluder. Excellent Frogeye tolerance.

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