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  • SG 3433 GT27

    Key variety with adaptability over a broad footprint. Light tawny plant with good standability and tolerance to Sudden Death Syndrome (rating 2). Stunning yield performance in 2020 trials.

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  • SG 3475E3

    • The perfect E3 line with Northeast adaptation
    • Medium-tall plant height with excellent standability
    • Attractive, upright appearance that finishes off clean
    • Excellent SDS tolerance
    • Enlist E3 soybeans will provide tolerance to: 2,4 -D, Glyphosate, and Glufosinate (only Enlist Duo® and Enlist One can be applied)
    • Available only as PI or Fungicide/Insecticide/PI treated

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  • SG 351C

    High yielding Mid-Group III conventional variety with the STS trait. Wide plant type covers soil quickly and allows for row spacing flexibility. Resistant to race 3 and moderately resistant to race 14 Soybean Cyst Nematode.

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  • SG 3620E3

    New defensive standout for any “Eastern” environment. Expect the consistency and health of SG 3799E3 with a several bushel yield advantage. Resists Stem Canker, Brown Stem Rot and is strong against Sudden Death Syndrome (rating 1.5).

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  • SG 3783XT

    Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans with Phytopthora Root Rot and Soybean Cyst Nematode resistance. Moderate resistance to Brown Stem Rot. Dominates plots for yield on the East Coast. Excellent Early Season Vigor, Standability and Stress Tolerance.

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  • SG 3886XT

    Excellent vigor and good standability. Rare group III salt excluder. Great choice for double crop or late season planting. Expect eyebrow raising yields on marginal soils.

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  • SG 3920E3

    New attractive Late-Group III Enlist E3® that yields and stands. Rock solid standability handles high yield environments of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Good tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot and resistant to Stem Canker.

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  • SG 3932XTF

    Possibly the best stress tolerance in a Late-Group III XtendFlex® stacked with STS. Tall light tawny brown plant works well for double crop or late planting. Aggressive growth covers soil fast and competes well with weeds. Good Phytophthora Root Rot and Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance.

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  • SG 4223XT

    Dominant yield performance in independent and university testing with a 70% win ratio. Stacked with STS. Gray tan plant with solid width with upward branching. A must plant variety.

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  • SG 4320E3

    New yield standard in an Early-Group IV Enlist E3® variety. Attractive light tawny variety that handles wide range of heavier clay to sandier soils. Fast emergence and season-long standability. Resistant to Stem Canker and excellent Frogeye Leaf Spot tolerance.

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  • SG 4521E3

    Total package for any acre or yield level. Strong Phytophthora, Stem Canker, Sudden Death Syndrome and Frogeye Leaf Spot tolerance. Can work for full season, double crop, dryland, or irrigated. Beautiful plant that stands until the end coupled with yields the neighbors will ask about.

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  • SG 4621E3

    Taller plant handles a wide range of soil textures from heavy clay to sandier soils. Aggressive early season growth covers soil fast for double cropping or late plantings. Salt excluder handles potential high salt soils. Indeterminate growth habit.

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