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  • SW 36

    Awned head type. Medium-early maturity. Medium height with good standability. Outstanding test weight. 2019 South Carolina trials – 129% of the mean for yield and 103% for test weight.

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  • SW 46SR

    Awned head type. Very early maturity. Great candidate for double crop soybeans in southeastern PA and as you move further south. Medium to short plant height. Excellent test weight, standability and disease ratings.

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  • SW 49SR

    Very uniform appearance with smooth head type. Early maturity – great choice for double crop. Excellent head scab tolerance, phenomenal yield potential and excellent standability. Should be planted on higher populations for maximum yields.

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  • SW 51SR

    Large showy smooth head type. Medium-early maturity. Medium -Tall with good standability. Top end yields with FHB1 Gene for head scab resistance.

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  • SW 62SR

    Consistent top performance. Excels on multiple soil types. Excellent disease resistance package. Strong agronomic package. Heavy test weight with excellent yield. Awned head-type. FHB1 Type II Scab Resistance.

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  • SW 64SR

    Awned head type with medium-early maturity. Medium plant height and excellent standability and winter hardiness. Good test weight and widely adapted. Scab gene for fusarium head blight tolerance.

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  • SW 65SR

    Awned head type. Medium maturity. Medium height with excellent standability. FHB1 Scab Resistance. Broadly adapted.

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  • SW 70SR

    Smooth head with medium maturity. Widely adapted. Scab gene for fusarium head blight tolerance. Excellent standability, test weight, and overall disease resistance.

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