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  • SSA 251 BMR6 DS (Dry Stalk Hybrid Sorghum-Sudan)

    This hybrid produces a high tillering high quality forage that has excellent early vigor. The high leaf to stem ratio means that you can count on high protein. The digestibility of this hybrid has been increased by 20% due to the BMR 6 trait. The dry stalk gene allows a more timely harvest and helps to get the crop bailed and out of the field before it gets rained on while drying. Typically this hybrid is used in a rotational grazing or 1-3 cutting system allowing you to produce the maximum amount of forage.

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  • SSA 252 BMR6 (Hybrid Sorghum-Sudangrass)

    SSA 252 BMR6 produces some of the highest dry matter yields of any BMR and non-BMR hybrid sorghum-sudangrass commercially available with excellent nutritional quality and early vigor. SSA 252 BMR6 is highly digestible with increased efficiency and improved animal utilization due to reduced lignin, the limiting factor in forage digestibility. This hybrid has excellent drought tolerance and is quick growing, allowing the maximum tonnage in the shortest amount of time. Fine sweet stems makes SSA 252 BMR6 an excellent choice for grazing, hay, greenchop and silage.

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  • SSA GREENGRAZER V (Hybrid Sorghum-Sudangrass)

    SSA GREENGRAZER is a small-seeded three way cross with thin stems that are highly palatable. Regrowth after cutting is very fast. SSA GREENGRAZER is a dark green color and also possesses the Green Top trait, which allows for further extension of the plant. Planting SSA GREENGRAZER at higher populations per acre will result in a finer stemmed forage. Finer stems will allow the forage to dry faster for higher quality hay than is possible with thick stemmed types.

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