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    Ideally suited for flag leaf to early boot forage production for lactating cows. Can extract and assimilate large amounts of nitrogen making it an excellent tool for managing dairy waste products. Early maturity allows potential double-cropping with corn silage rotations where growing degrees will allow (Boots two days earlier than 815 triticale variety).

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    Widely adapted two-row Malting Barley. AAC Synergy produces heavy, plump kernels and short, strong straw with good resistance to lodging. Desirable malting quality profile with higher malt extract. With a combination of high yield, good foliar disease resistance and excellent malting quality.

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  • CYANE Spring Barley

    Six-row bearded head type. Extremely high yield potential. Large grain makes CYANE great for feed use. Easy to harvest and adapts well to most soil types.

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  • HAYDEN Spring Oat

    Mid to late maturing variety and excellent yield potential and high test weight. Tan seed color and a solid rust resistance.

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  • HYOCTANE Winter Forage Triticale

    HyOctane is a winter triticale variety that has shown favorable forage yield and winter hardiness across the East Coast. HyOctane makes a great option for fall grazing on ensiling in the spring before corn planting. Reduced awned variety to aid livestock palatability. Good early-season vigor and earlier heading date than traditional varieties with a medium straw strength. Very short awns and a very high leaf to stem ratio with excellent yield and quality.

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    Dual-purpose, grain or forage. Forage yield and quality is better than current grain varieties planted for forage. Medium-tall with very good straw strength, good test weight and medium high protein. Jerrys are a medium maturing oat with very good yield stability.

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  • KARA Forage Oat

    Kara forage oat is a tall, leafy, forage style oat selected to replace SkiHi Forage oat. With excellent yield and improved resistance to leaf rust, it topped the 2018 Penn State Forage trials.

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  • SW 46SR

    Awned head type. Very early maturity. Great candidate for double crop soybeans in southeastern PA and as you move further south. Medium to short plant height. Excellent test weight, standability and disease ratings.

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  • SW 49SR

    Very uniform appearance with smooth head type. Early maturity – great choice for double crop. Excellent head scab tolerance, phenomenal yield potential and excellent standability. Should be planted on higher populations for maximum yields.

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  • SW 64SR

    Awned head type with medium-early maturity. Medium plant height and excellent standability and winter hardiness. Good test weight and widely adapted. Scab gene for fusarium head blight tolerance.

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  • SW 70SR

    Smooth head with medium maturity. Widely adapted. Scab gene for fusarium head blight tolerance. Excellent standability, test weight, and overall disease resistance.

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