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    GAIN Festulolium

    Farm Science Genetics®. Great yield potential, pasture or silage. Rapid establishment, vigorous growth, excellent with legumes or slower starting grasses. Leafy, palatable, nutritious for all livestock and horses. Performs best on moist, fertile soils. Hybrid of Italian Ryegrass and Meadow Fescue. Seed at 25-40 lbs. alone, 2-20 lbs. in mixes.

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    SUGARCREST Festulolium

    A new perennial-type festulolium that establishes quickly and has fast regrowth, yielding more tonnage per acre than the competition. Excellent persistence provides a highly palatable feed for years. Combined with improved winter-hardiness and disease resistance, Sugarcrest is unsurpassed for quality and longevity.

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