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  • ADMIRAL Meadow Bromegrass

    Admiral is a high yielding spring forage that’s extremely winter hardy. Very palatable with an aggressive re-growth. Dark green in color.

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  • ARID Smooth Bromegrass

    Arid Smooth Brome is a new generation of smooth brome developed to be more drought tolerant, less aggressive rhizomes, high yielding and with good regrowth potential. Due to its high forage yield and quality, Arid is great for hay production or green chop. Developed to be less aggressive than other smooth bromes, Arid works great in pastures with other species too.

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  • PEAK Smooth Bromegrass

    Peak is Cornell University developed. Earlier maturity and higher yield potential than Saratoga. High forage yield especially after first cut. Improved forage quality, producing fewer heads.  Leave a 4 stubble for best regrowth. Seed at 15-20 lbs. alone, 3-8 lbs. in mixes.

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