SEEDWAY Teams Up With Pollen Sense

SEEDWAY, LLC is proud to announce that they have teamed up with Pollen Sense to help farmers further predict growing conditions and obstacles that may effect their fields. Pollen Sense uses digital microscopy and artificial intelligence to monitor the air for fungal pathogens in real time. The revolutionary data generated from these sensors can inform growers of disease pressure as well as existing disease on their acreage and in their region.

Currently, a regional trial is underway in southern Georgia and 9 sensors have been placed on numerous farms, including a SEEDWAY facility. Growers will be able to access hourly data via an app or the web, as well as view heat maps of airborne pathogens via the web. Heat maps will reset every 24 hours and at the end of each day an hourly report will be run that will provide a brief overview of the days pathogen counts (as seen in the sample below).

The end goal is to not only be aware of what unseen factors are present in the air, but to be able to plan ahead for the next growing season and better predict for pathogens and diseases that may effect your operation.

Future trial information, advancements, and locations will be announced on as well as our social media outlets. To learn a little more on Pollen Sense check out