Seedway® acquires Skipper Grassing, Inc.

(HALL, NY) – Seedway, LLC, a subsidiary of GROWMARK Inc., announced the acquisition of Skipper Grassing, Inc., headquartered in Fort Meade, Florida. The acquisition is part of 56-year-old Seedway’s ongoing commitment to provide customers with the highest-quality products and service with ongoing innovation.

The Skipper Grassing, Inc. acquisition is one of several strategies and brand enhancements introduced under Chief Operating Officer, John Bozeman, as he works to both build a strong portfolio of relevant offerings while providing deep turnkey specialization in key areas, including Seedway’s Lawn & Turf division. “Alan and Abby Skipper have built a company and culture very much like our own. They place their customers first and treat their employees like family. In doing so, they’ve constantly offered great service and have earned customer trust and loyalty,” says Bozeman, adding “None of this will change as we welcome Skipper Grassing, Inc. into the Seedway family. Together we will be able to continue providing the caliber of service Skipper Grassing, Inc. customers are accustomed to while continuing to evolve products and services across the Seedway family that meet their needs.

Abby Skipper believes “Seedway is the perfect partner for Skipper Grassing, Inc. They share our vision while bringing us the scale and resources we need to remain competitive. It’s the best of both worlds. Our culture will live on, but we’ll be able to do more with Seedway and Growmark than we could have independently.” Alan and Abby Skipper will continue to be part of the Skipper Grassing, Inc. leadership team and will continue to contribute to the vision and evolution of this service.

About Skipper Grassing, Inc..

Based in Fort Meade, Florida, and operated by Alan and Abby Skipper, Skipper Grassing, Inc. will continue to provide grass planting, grassing, slope grassing, flat land grassing, flat land mowing, bush hog, slope mowing, side boom mowing, ditch mowing, grove mowing, heaving bog disc, discing, skid steer, commercial sod, silt fence, and coconut matting services.

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