El Capitan Watermelon (Primed)



Features an attractive, darker crimson rind pattern with vigorous vines. Excellent yield potential, extended shipping and firm flesh.


A triploid with excellent yield potential, extended shipping, and field holding ability. Small pip and excellent flavor.

Seed Characteristics

Catalog Type Commercial
Maturity Days 85-90
Disease Reaction HR: Fon:1
Variety El Capitan Watermelon (Primed)
Shape Blocky, Oval
Interior Deep Red
Weight 17-21 lbs.
Rind Medium Green With Dark Green Stripes

M = 1,000 Seed Count
MM = Million Seed Count
1000M = Million Seed Count
100M = 100 Thousand Seed Count

Additional information

Package Size

1 M, 5 M

Product Downloads

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