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    A warm season legume which grows 3’ – 8’ tall. Grows best where adequate moisture is present. Produces very high feed value (19% protein). Ideal and palatable for cattle, goats, sheep and wildlife consumption. Grows well with Bahia Grass or by itself. Aeschynomene will reseed if planted in subtropical climates. Plant during warm season when adequate moisture is present. Nematode resistance which is important for southern forage supplements.

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    CSG PR Mix

    Conservation Science Genetics. Not only used for cover crops, this mix provides late summer and fall forage. Mixture of Austrian Winter Peas and Eco-Till Radish. The combo will grow long into the winter to keep deer coming back for more.

    FORMULA: Austrian Winter Peas, Eco-Till Radish

    SEEDING RATE: Sow 25 pounds per acres

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    Eco Till™ Radish

    A forage radish that is highly palatable that not only provides a valuable food source to wild game but also serves as a nutrient mining cover crop. Eco-Till will assist breaking up soil compaction and restore essential nutrients to the ground level. Deer love the greens and tops of tubers. Excellent way to start a perennial food plot the following season after planting.

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    Forage Fever Chicory & Clover Mix


    Perennial mix that does better on good soil. Very aggressive under intense grazing and provides high quality forage and protein.

    FORMULA: Wildcat Red Clover, Stamina White Clover, Chicory

    SEEDING RATE: Sow 12 pounds per acre

    Not For Sale To Canada

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    Jackpot Hybrid Brassica

    Jackpot forage turnip is a new low-growing variety bred for use in grazing operations and for cover cropping. The Jackpot bulb top doesn’t protrude from the ground as much as old varieties, allowing it to stay protected from animals as they graze. This allows for better regrowth and higher forage yields. In addition, Jackpot has excellent palatability, helping increase weight gains. Jackpot is also an ideal choice for cover crop use. Its bulb helps break up soil and protects against wind and rain erosion. Jackpot has multiple crowns on top that enable multiple grazings.

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    Last Call Grazing Mix


    Perennial mixture that is ideal for well pads, logging roads, and poor soils. Will perform very well on good soil. Contains loads of high quality forage that is packed with plenty of protein.

    FORMULA: Crimson Clover, Wildcat Red Clover, Stamina White Clover, Alsike Clover, Chicory

    SEEDING RATE: Sow 12 pounds per acre

    Not For Sale To Canada

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    One Shot Brassica Mix


    Annual mix of brassicas that will provide the protein needed for the rut and the nutrients needed for the long winter months. Excellent harvest plot for the late season.

    FORMULA: Jackpot Forage Turnip, Vivant Hybrid Brassica, Trophy Rape, Purple Top Turnip

    SEEDING RATE: Sow 5 pounds per acre

    Not For Sale To Canada

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    Rack Reaper Mix


    Perennial mix developed for your best ground that needs to be managed for best results. High quality varieties that are very persistent and provide quality forage and protein.

    FORMULA: Stamina White Clover, Wildcat Red Clover, Alfalfa, Chicory

    SEEDING RATE: Sow 12 pounds per acre.

    Not For Sale To Canada

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    Recoil Clover Mix


    Selected for the backwoods of the Northeast. Versatile mix that produces improved yields and palatability with stand longevity. When properly managed clover can produce as long as 3-5 years.

    FORMULA: New Zealand White Clover, Ladino Clover, Wildcat Red Clover, Alsike Clover

    SEEDING RATE: Sow 10 pounds per acre

    Not For Sale To Canada

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    A spring annual forage blend of Forage Oats and Forage Peas that produces high quality forage and yield. Forage Oats have long, wide leaves and excellent forage quality. Forage Peas produce large vines and leaves for outstanding yields and forage quality.

    FORMULA: Forage Oats and Forage Peas

    SEEDING RATE: Sow 100 lbs. per acre.

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    Tower Of Leaves Soybeans

    Tower Of Leaves is a late maturing conventional, true forage soybean known for its excellent forage tonnage and height. It’s and improved food plot soybean that exhibits excellent nutritional qualities. Tower Of Leaves soybeans are easy to grow and can be planted in varying soils types.

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    Vivant Hybrid Brassica

    Less bolting. High digestibility. Fast establishing. High yielding, leafy forage. Good grazing and attractive food plot. Strong regrowth. Provides quick forage. Very leafy hybrid that has 80% more leaf than Purple Top Turnips, providing more feed for the animal.

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