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  • Autumn Beauty Sunflower (Not Treated)


    44 – 54 Days. 6.5’ – 8’ foot plants are well branched with long branch stems. 6” Flowers are mostly rusty in color.

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  • Black Oil Seed Sunflower (Not Treated)


    53 – 63 Days. Makes a nice addition to sunflower mazes and also used for microgreens. Multibranched with flowers sized 4”-9”. Gold flowers with brown center. Height 4 to 6 feet.

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  • Concert Bell Sunflower (Not Treated)


    Concert Bell puts on quite a performance with a unique flowering habit and pollenless flowers. Sprays of 10 to 12 flowers grow atop an erect central stem. It is early to flower. Plants grow to a uniform height of 5 to 6 feet. If used as a cut flower, Concert Bell makes an instant, ready-made bouquet from just one cut. Typically excellent seed germination makes this easy to grow. Plan on multiple sowings for a continuous supply of bloom through the end of summer. AAS winner from 2022 trials. It is an unusual combination to have a pollenless sunflower with more than one flower head per plant.

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  • Floristan Sunflower (Not Treated)


    46 – 55 Days. A lovely and early flowering variety on a 3.5’ to 4.5 foot branched plant. While flowers won’t last long when cut, the stems are strong and the flowers a pretty dusty dark rose and cream color.


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  • Full Sun Improved Sunflower (Not Treated)


    Full Sun is used for cut flowers in cooler weather in the South, where it matures predictably with low light. Pollenless. When grown in the winter, stems are shorter but always long enough for a perfect, pollenless flower.

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  • Goldy Double Sunflower (Organic)


    Goldy Double produces fully double “powder puff” flowers on “spray” type branched stems. It makes some of the nicest cut flowers of any branched variety in that the stems are long, strong, and straight. The medium-tall plant is topped with an explosive jolt of gold in full bloom. Nearly pollenless flower start blooming with a greenish center.

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  • Lemon Queen Sunflower (Not Treated)


    Lemon Queen is a very tall and vigorous sunflower. For the plant size, it blooms relatively early and will keep going, making a lot of flowers. Flowers are a lovely lemon yellow, on a branched plant with long sturdy branches. Although it has pollen, Lemon Queen makes a nice cut flower. Plant height is between 6 and 9 feet tall and the flowers are 5” to 8” across.

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  • Mammoth Greystripe Sunflower (Not Treated Seed)


    Feed the birds with these giant 12′ tall sunflowers.

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  • Procut Horizon Sunflower (Not Treated)


    ProCut Horizon is a traditional yellow sunflower hybrid with heads that face up on a single sturdy stem. It is pollenless for cut-flowers. It is day length neutral meaning it can be grown over winter in frost free areas and for late fall crops in the north. It is very uniform with a slightly smaller flower than ProCut Orange. 4 to 6 feet.

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  • Procut Orange Sunflower (Not Treated)


    ProCut Orange is day-neutral hybrid, (so will grow to a good height and flower on scheduled in shorter days and in cooler weather). It is single stem, and pollen-free for cut flowers. The color is golden orange. 4 – 6’ tall.


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  • Sunbright Supreme Sunflower (Not Treated)


    3′ tall, well-branched plants bloom all-season long. Pollenless flowers have bright-yellow petals and brown centers.

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  • Sunrich Gold Sunflower (Not Treated)


    Early blooming and stunning with medium-large heads held upright on sturdy single stems. Golden Yellow with a yellow center. Pollenless flowers have great shelf life, and bloom a long time in the field. 60-70 Days.

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