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  • Autumn Buckskin Pumpkin (Treated Seed)


    An ornamental and versatile butternut; produces round and tall fruit for displays and boasts high quality butternut-like flesh.


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  • Blue Doll Pumpkin (Farmore)


    Warted popular blue with a great appearance and shape, strong shoulders and deep distinctive ribbing.  Easily sizes to 20lbs.  Interior is deep yellow-orange and can be used for baking and cooking.




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  • Cinderella Pumpkin (Farmore)


    Unique French heirloom. Beautiful bright red-orange color. Flat fruit resembles “cheese pumpkins” in shape, decorative and delicious. Good for pies and custards. 15′ vines.





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  • Cinderella’s Carriage Pumpkin (Treated)


    A hybrid Cinderella type. Pink-red color is immediately appealing and eye catching. Yields both round and flat fruit on a strong vine with IR:PM. Growers can expect a strong set.


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  • Fairytale Pumpkin (Treated Seed)


    Full season; very flat, deeply-scalloped novelty pumpkin. Turns from dark-green to a copper-buff color.


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  • Fireball Pumpkin (Treated Seed)


    Fireball has a cream-yellow background with vibrant orange stripes for plenty of color appeal. Fruit hold well in the field, with striped starting dark green in color and maturing over time to orange. Handle quality is excellent.

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  • Grey Ghost Pumpkin (Farmore)


    Specialty grey fruited type with outstanding storage potential. Matures early with very good flavor. It is a slightly flattened 5 to 7 kilogram fruit. Some tolerance to powdery mildew.


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  • Hot Chocolate Pumpkin (Farmore)


    Sure to be a favorite, Hot Chocolate yields tan fruit with a strong handle that will pair well with the orange, yellow and white colors you need to appeal to fall consumers. Hot Chocolate has a great handle for its size, expect handle to be 5” long.


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  • Indian Doll Pumpkin (Treated Seed)


    Indian Doll is a deep orange-red companion to Porcelain Doll and Blue Doll. Fruit shape & color is attractive for stacking pumpkins and mixed bins. Distinctive square shoulders. Both edible and ornamental, Indian Doll is actually a squash that can be used much like a buttercup or a butternut.



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  • Jade Knight Pumpkin (Treated Seed)


    Blue is popular! Blue-green color is a fall must-have! Attractive blocky shape and distinctive shoulders make
    Jade Knight easy to decorate with and easy to combine with other stackers. Also edible, with bright yellow
    interior much like a buttercup.



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  • Jarradale Pumpkin (Treated Seed)


    This edible Australian pumpkin is an excellent addition to your ornamentals. The flesh is very thick with a rich flavor. Nearly fiberless. The skin is very glossy- like polished leather.  Known for the attractive blue color.



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  • Jester Pumpkin (Treated Seed)


    Unique appearance in a small stacking pumpkin that defies being ordinary! Fruit is salmon red with “rough” or bumpy skin, making it a colorful standout. Edible and ornamental, with a bright yellow interior.

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