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    Abay Bell Pepper (Organic)


    Blocky yellow fruit, mostly extra large. Reliable and widely adapted. The fruit is large and fancy with a continuous set.


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    Aerostar (Organic)


    Medium green feather-shaped leaves have excellent body. Aerostar makes a fine, heat tolerant full-sized romaine.

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    Arroyo (Primed & Pelleted Organic)


    Classy, dark green, savoyed romaine has good weight. It can be sold as a normal head or heart. Good heat tolerance, but best for cooler slots.

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    Arugula Astro (Organic)


    Easy to bunch with a broad, slightly lobed leaf. Around 120,000 seeds/lb.

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    Arugula Bellezia (Organic)


    Bellezia adds field tolerance to Downy Mildew to the preferred type Grazia, which helps solve the most common problem for wild arugula. Nice thick leaves with an unstoppable dark green color!

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    Basil Dolly (Organic)


    Dolly tolerates low temperatures better than other varieties, making it good for gowning in winter in the South, and in the North, spring and fall in high tunnels. It is a fast growing, large-leafed Genovese-type and good for bunching.

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    Basil Elidia (Organic)


    Good Fusarium resistance in a Genovese-type basil, Elidia is well branched with medium-sized leaves and somewhat compact habit. Can be sold in pots or bunches. It has beautiful, shiny green leaves and is slow bolting. Of our basils, this is the best all-around variety.

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    Basil Genova (Organic)


    Dark green, glossy leaves, well-branched plants, and wonderful aroma. This is the Sakata strain or Large Leaf Basil, Genova type. Consistent quality.

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    Basil Prospera (Organic)


    This new variety has a vigorous, upright habit with medium-sized leaves. It has a high resistance to Downy Mildew and some resistance to Fusarium.

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    Basil Rutgers Devotion (Organic)


    This is a fast growing Genovese-type basil for potted, greenhouse, and field production. With strong Downy Mildew resistance, the medium-sized and medium green leaves are flat to slightly cupped with ridges. The bushy plants have somewhat short internodes.

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    Belstar Broccoli (Organic)


    Main season variety for fall crops. Excellent crown cut with heavy, high-domed, tight beads, and refined, small uniform beads.

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    Bergam’s Green (Primed & Pelleted Organic)


    Bergam’s Green stands out for dependability. Heads are compact, but weighty, with thick pliable leaves. The erect plant performs well in heat as it is very good against tip burn, and holds well in the field. Although it has an old-fashioned name, it has the performance you need today!

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