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  • A-1014 Eggplant (Not Treated)


    A-1014 brings an entirely new level of quality, earliness, and yield to the “American” style of eggplant. It is up to 10 days earlier than any other variety and will provide a lot of fruit early. The fruit has a refined look and is firm and glossy and a “just right” size for most grocery stores. The calyx are totally spineless and wont scratch the fruit, your customers or harvest crew.  Fruit separates easily from the pant with gentle tug.  The plant is compact but stays healthy and productive for a full season. Most growers will not need to stake A1014 and plants can be crowded.

    Out of Stock – ETA mid March

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  • Barbarella Eggplant (Not Treated)


    Barbarella is an authentic Sicilian variety with a white-shaded halo and pleating. It has wonderfully dense white flesh, making it extra good for grilling. The round fruit is heavy for its size and up to 7″ diameter. The tall, sturdy, purple-tinged plant keeps going for a long season if kept picked.

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  • Black Beauty Eggplant (Treated Seed)


    Fresh market and home garden

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  • Classic F1 Eggplant (Treated Seed)


    Widely adapted and reliable producer. Premium quality fruit with excellent shelf-life.

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  • Dairyu Eggplant (Not Treated)


    Not only is Dairyu early, but it will produce over a long season. 7″ – 10″ long fruit is nearly black with matching sepals. Fruit shape is long and thin with a slight pot-belly.

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  • Ghost Story Eggplant (Not Treated)


    This new white eggplant is a real game-changer. Smooth, firm, and heavy. It has a refined small cap that is usually spineless. Flesh is dense, bright white, and slow to develop seeds. Excellent early and continuous yields.

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  • Kama Eggplant (Treated Seed)


    Megal type (Cylindrical Italian) Very early. SPINELESS. Prolific with firm fruit.

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  • Little Prince Eggplant (Not Treated)


    It’s hard not to use the word “cute” with Little Prince. The sturdy plant loads up with small oval/egg shaped fruit, usually in clusters of 2 or 3. It is one of many Indian eggplant types and can also work for Middle Eastern and Bosnian markets looking for small fruited eggplant to stuff and/or pickle.

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  • Lucilla Eggplant (Not Treated)


    Our favorite feature of Lucilla is a small spineless cap. Or maybe our favorite feature is the super glossy skin that is darker than Nubia with bright white stripes. Yields are excellent and fruit can get quite large and still hold quality.

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  • Megal Eggplant (Treated Seed)


    Green calyx, long, slender Italian type, 7 – 9″ long, 3″ diameter fruits. Intermediate resistance to TMV.

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  • Nadia Eggplant (Not Treated)


    Heavy, early set, large fruits held high, sets in cool weather.

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  • Night Shadow Eggplant (Not Treated)


    Large plant bears traditional teardrop-shaped fruit that holds quality into a very large size. Very glossy and attractive and holds color well. Widely-adapted, vigorous plant.

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