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  • Caliente 199 Mustard (Not Treated)


    Caliente 199 Mustard Blend has been bred specifically for biofumigation and green manuring. The naturally occurring biofumigant gas (ITC) is produced by the plants when the crop is chopped, incorporating this compound and the green material into soil results in many benefits including improved soil structure, health and fertility, suppression of various soil-borne diseases and pests and increased soil microbial activity.

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  • Eco-Till Radish (Not Treated)


    Strong taproot extends deep into the soil to provide a wide variety of benefits for next year’s crop. The thin portion of the taproot can grow to 6′ while the thicker upper portion grows to 24 inches. This taproot system reduces soil compaction, provides aeration and water infiltration and returns nutrients to the soil surface. This system helps reduce soil compaction, suppress weeds and builds organic matter.

    Seeding Rate= Conventional or No-till: 8-10 lbs./ac. Broadcast: 12-15 lbs./ac.

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  • Nemat/Caliente Rojo (Not Treated)

    This is a blend of arugula and mustard (Brassica Juncea). Nemat is an arugula variety for trap crops or to suppress root-knot and cyst nematodes. Caliente Rojo is a Brassica juncea blend with the highest glucosinolate concentration available making it an effective biofumigant. Rojo is very vigorous (and the red color is attractive). Used together, they provide an especially effective biofumigant for nematode and wireworm suppression along with weed & disease reduction. The Nemat arugula is lower growing and is added because the root exudates are very attractive to nematodes and wireworms. This attracts these mobile pests closer to the surface, enhancing the biofumigation action of the Caliente Rojo.

    Use the blend at 6-9 lb /acre.

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