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    Flat Stacker (Treated Seed)


    White pumpkins continue to be a customer favorite, and Flat Stacker is one to try for stacking and mixed bins. We liked the bright white fruit, the scalloped-style ribbing, and the productivity. Flat Stacker is also edible.

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    Purple Sweetie TZ (Not Treated)


    Perfectly formed fruit combines with excellent early yield. Great for snacking and very sweet!

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    Red Knight X3R Bell Pepper (Not Treated)


    Heavy yields, blocky bell, performs in most Eastern areas. Grown to be sold red, it turns color early, and has remarkable quality for its earliness. GR:SE

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    Consistent high yields across the Northeast and yield potential with high forage quality. Ability to REGENerate roots and develop branch roots after stress or damage to the tap root from wheel traffic, insects and other disease. Superior adaptation to the variable soils and climatic conditions of the Northeast.

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    STM2255 Tomato (Peletted)


    Versatile and adaptable variety with high yield potential and good vine-ripe flavor. Fruit is an attractive red color, firm and has a good shelf life.

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