SEEDWAY Hybrids Perform In F.I.R.S.T Trials

In all 8 locations SEEDWAY had numerous Top 10 finishers (ranked by milk per acre) and in 7 out of 8 plots SEEDWAY genetics landed in at least 1 (if not 2) of the Top 5 spots. SEEDWAY had 3 hybrids rank in the TOP 10 spots for both the PASE and PACE regions overall averages.

A true standout was SW 6760GENSS (RIB), a 112 day hybrid that tied for the overall highest average milk per ton and ranked #4 out of 45 hybrids tested in PASE. In the PACE region SW 6760 finished with the highest overall average tonnage yield per acre and ranked #3 overall out of 42 tested. With the Anthracnose Stalk Rot resistant gene and a SmartStax® package, SW 6760 is an ideal candidate for silage in those corn after corn operations.

SW 6630GENSS (RIB) is a 110 day hybrid that has always been a reliable performer in the SEEDWAY portfolio. Coming in 2nd for average pounds of milk per ton in the PASE region, it ranked as #8 overall out of 42 hybrids tested. Falling 6th for overall average tonnage yield per acre, SW6630 finished #6 out of 45 products in the PACE trials. With strong late season plant health, a maximum insect protection trait package, and above average feed quality this hybrid has always been a consistent silage product.

New to the portfolio in 2021, SW 8100GENSS (RIB) had a strong finish of 5th out of 42 in the PASE region. An excellent option full season silage, SW 8100GENSS (RIB) is a 117 day hybrid that comes in a SmartStax® package to provide both above and below ground modes of protection needed in a continuous corn operation.

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