Specialty Indeterminate Vine

Ribelle (Not Treated)


For customer who liked San Marzano Follia, we recommend Ribelle, from the same breeding program.  The 5 1/2 oz fruit is not as elongated as a true San Marzano, but Ribelle does have narrow fruit with a soft ping on the end, for a rustic Italian look.  It sets easily and has firm, flavorful meaty fruit.  Ribelle has a very manageable compact indeterminate vine.



Narrow fruit with a soft point on the end for a rustic Italian look. It sets easily, and has firm, flavorful, meaty fruit. Ribelle has a very manageable, compact, indeterminate vine.

Seed Characteristics

Catalog Type Organic and Untreated
Maturity Days 70
Disease Reaction HR: Fol (1,2), Va, Vd, ToMV
Variety Ribelle (Not Treated)
Plant Compact, Indeterminate
Weight 5.5 oz.

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Package Size

100 SEEDS, 1 M, 5 M, 100 M

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