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  • SW 7700GENSS (RIB) & SW 7700GENVT2P (RIB)

    SmartStax® hybrid with maximum insect protection package for continuous corn on the silage acre. Additional VT Double Pro® version. From the southern PA border to the Gulf Coast, east or west, this hybrid is extremely well adapted. Good Gray & Northern Corn Leaf Blight resistance plus very good Southern Corn Leaf Blight.

    LIMITATIONS: Glyphosate is first choice herbicide. Use growth regulator, pigment inhibitor, or sulfonylurea herbicides in moderation. The LibertyLink® option is only available for the SW 7700GENSS RIB option. Not the SW 7700GENVT2P RIB option.
    MANAGEMENT: SmartStax® recommended for continuous silage corn acres.

  • SW 8000

    Proven conventional for full season use. Healthy for wide adaptation including the deep south. Attractive seed pricing, well adapted to all soil types, and above average native insect tolerance at no extra cost. Handles the southern disease complex well and fits the tough acre.

    LIMITATIONS: Moves south to hotter zones better than north to cool zones.
    MANAGEMENT: Use widely across acres where a tough hybrid is needed. Fine on good acres, too. Structured refuge option.

  • SW 8009 3110 & SW 8009 VIP3111 New!

    Same base genetics as SW 8000 above with the addition of VIP 3110 trait package. Fits southern PA to the Deep South. Southern adapted disease response and toughness under stress, including heat stress. Nice late season health enables extra silage acres to roll over to high moisture or dry shell corn harvest.

    LIMITATIONS: Moves south to hotter zones better than north to the cooler zone.
    MANAGEMENT: Use widely across the tough and the good acre.

  • SW 8109 3000GT

    Full season yield with fully supporting plant health and season ending staygreen. Suited for high residue “corn after corn” production. High row count 16-18 row ears with deep kernels for high grain content silage. Combines Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Gray Leaf Spot resistance.

    LIMITATIONS: Not as well suited to northern long season sites. Caution north of the Mason Dixon line. Okay southeast corner of PA.
    MANAGEMENT: Use on productive land to maximize yield potential. Plant in warm soils.