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  • SW 5410

    Conventional corn hybrid with stable high side yield potential, including stress sites. Outstanding root strength. Medium stature with very erect leaves, SW 5410 is ideally suited to high plant densities making effi cient use of sunlight and nutrients. Performs well across variable conditions & management styles.

    LIMITATIONS: Like other conventionals it is susceptible to second generation corn borer.
    MANAGEMENT: Free native resistance to first generation corn borer. This is not a transgenic trait. Structured refuge option.

  • SW 5440GENSS (RIB) & SW 5440GENVT2P (RIB) New!

    Exceptional grain yield potential and proven performers in wide areas of adaptation. Moves south better than SW 5430, the established product in the maturity. Consistent silage performance including the mid-south.

    LIMITATIONS: Avoid low populations for silage. The LibertyLink® option is only available for the SW 5440GENSS RIB option. Not the SW 5440GENVT2P RIB option.
    MANAGEMENT: Put on better ground to utilize the full genetics yield potential of the product.

  • SW 5554GT

    Proven, versatile, performs in presence of disease. Brings additional ear flex and yield stability to silage and grain acres where soil types and conditions vary. Strong Eastern Cornbelt hybrid. Widely adapted mid-south into New York where the maturity is grown. Good plant size for silage yield.

    LIMITATIONS: Moves south better than north where dual purpose use is in play. Nice silage fit in the north.
    MANAGEMENT: Solid flex ear for wide use on silage acres.

  • SW 6540GENVT2P (RIB) New!

    Combines yield, agronomics, health to work in zone and south. This is the go to hybrid for genetic Anthracnose Stalk Rot and Gray Leaf Spot resistance. Good silage performance in the maturity.

    LIMITATIONS: No rootworm protection.
    MANAGEMENT: Above average with fungicide on corn after corn acres.

  • SW 6614RR

    Single trait Roundup® hybrid for any acre except where insect protection is needed. Versatile and consistent across the Eastern Cornbelt with adequate southern movement. Excellent for moderate cost input acres and silage. Simple to manage Roundup® system with no conventional herbicide yield drag.

    LIMITATIONS: Not adapted to the deep south, especially coastal.
    MANAGEMENT: Consistent silage and grain performer with wide acre suitability. Excellent after soybeans. Structured refuge option.

  • SW 661L & SW 6604LRR

    Best leafy genetic platform in maturity for conventional or Round Up® acres. Exceptional north/south adaptation due to unusual early flowering habit for fuller season hybrid. Accumulates dry matter early and grain fills quickly. Proven agronomics for very tall plant type. Combines yield and quality.

    LIMITATIONS: Not suitable where there is heavy rootworm pressure.
    MANAGEMENT: Moderate populations enable full yield potential. Structured refuge options.

  • SW 6630GENSS (RIB)

    SmartStax® hybrid with maximum insect protection package. Versatile, SW 6630 works consistently in high yield environments and stress prone eastern sites. Nice agronomics, late season health, staygreen; protects silage & grain yield. Must plant silage hybrid where rootworm protection is needed.

    LIMITATIONS: Fungicide protection may provide additional boost in performance in corn after corn rotations, especially in the Mid-Atlantic, southward.
    MANAGEMENT: Nice finishing hybrid for the maturity. Monitor moistures at harvest for silage.

  • SW 6770GENSS (RIB) & SW 6770GENVT2P (RIB)

    Widely adapted, healthy, moves south for silage. Excellent corn after corn. Handles cool soils. Average Gray, excellent Northern Corn Leaf Blight resistance.

    LIMITATIONS: Limited ear flex – medium and higher populations maximize silage yield potential. The LibertyLink® option is only available for the SW 6770GENSS RIB option. Not the SW 6770GENVT2P RIB option.
    MANAGEMENT: Use as main season silage hybrid according to insect protection required.

  • SW 6780GENVT2P (RIB)

    Adapted southern PA to mid-south without east/west limitations. Average/ adequate Gray Leaf Spot tolerance. Resistant to Northern & Southern Leaf Blight.

    LIMITATIONS: Adequate for silage in deep south.
    MANAGEMENT: Corn after corn with fungicide. This is an “in zone hybridid” that should not be pushed far south of zone.

  • SW 6790GENVT2P (RIB) New!

    New hybrid with exceptional yield in testing. Limited supply. Strong agronomic package plus balanced style ear with good husk coverage. Try a few bags of this new hybrid!

    LIMITATIONS: None known.
    MANAGEMENT: High side populations for silage.

  • SW 7000

    Extremely wide eastern adaptation with stress tolerance across soil types. A proven performer, typically out-performing conventional hybrid expectations.

    LIMITATIONS: Move to another hybrid for insect protection.
    MANAGEMENT: Corn after corn with fungicide. SW 7000 is a structured refuge option.

  • SW 7560GENVT2P (RIB)

    Adaptated from southern PA to FLA without east/west limitation. High silage yield potential and stable across this broad range. Solid across varying soils, steady in dry conditions. Very good on foliar leaf blight resistances required in this region – Gray, Northern & Southern. Strong for traited silage.

    LIMITATIONS: Move to another hybrid for Rootworm protection.
    MANAGEMENT: Corn after corn with fungicide. Use on any silage acre.