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  • SW 3854RR

    Strong, versatile single trait RR product with extremely wide adaptation. Performing nicely north / south and handling foliar blights while maintaining silage and grain yield. More ear flex than most hybrids of the maturity. SW 3854RR flowers early for good northern silage performance.

    LIMITATIONS: No trait insect protection.

    MANAGEMENT: Versatile, all uses, adds genetic diversity while fitting most rotation needs – performed in high residue conditions. Structured refuge option.


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  • SW 3874RR

    Single trait RR for any dual purpose or silage acre in first or second year corn. Solid disease package including Stalk and Foliar Anthracnose resistance. Good agronomics with medium plus stature and strong ear flex for maximum population flexibility. Effective across soils and management. Late season finisher.

    LIMITATIONS: No GMO insect trait protection.

    MANAGEMENT: Solid where ear flex is an advantage. Tolerates medium to high populations. Structured refuge option.


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  • SW 3914LRR

    Bluechip research performance in silage trials when compared with SW 3904LRR (above), in side by side comparisons over four years. SW 3914LRR is available only as single trait RR. It has slightly more yield from a girthier ear than SW 3904LRR. Improved ear package/husk cover. Must try silage hybrid.

    LIMITATIONS: Like other large stature leafy’s – can run out of nutrients when nutrient supply is inadequate for high silage yield levels.

    MANAGEMENT: Longer grain fill window than SW 3904LRR which makes it easier to manage at silage harvest time. Structured refuge option.


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  • SW 3937BMR

    SW 3937BMR

    Medium yield potential with elevated silage digestibility. Non GMO brown midrib bm3 gene. Exceptional roots and good bmr agronomics for a truly early brown midrib hybrid. Consistently superb silage digestibility with elevated animal intake potential.

    LIMITATIONS: Like all bmr’s can lose staygreen late season. Not glyphosate tolerant.

    MANAGEMENT: Medium stature requires high populations for best silage yield potential.

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  • SW 3970 3111

    Exceptionally wide adaptation where the maturity is grown, including the Mid-South. Medium to short plant height in the south, with height increasing in the north, especially with later northern planting. Keep populations on the higher side for silage.

    LIMITATIONS: Medium stature.

    MANAGEMENT: Silage yields best at heavier populations.


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  • SW 3980

    SW 3980

    Strong conventional grain and silage yielder for all environments. Medium plus stature, good roots, adequate agronomics. Strong on Northern Corn Leaf Blight for consistent wide acre performance. Maintains yield potential as populations increase. Very attractive upright leaf for high planting density.

    LIMITATIONS: No trait insect protection.

    MANAGEMENT: Strongest performance in first and second year corn. Position where there is a NCLB history. Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 4000GENSS (RIB) & SW 4000GENVT2P (RIB)

    SmartStax® RIB Complete® for broad acre use in longer corn rotations with good performance in zone and north of zone. Long rotation silage choice. Performs extremely well under ideal growing conditions. Large ear that provides strong grain and silage yields. Strong performer across variable soils, excels in Northeast soils. Holds yield even during drought situations. Very strong disease package, possess ASR gene—anthracnose stalk rot gene that keep stalks strong and healthy into late season. Produces high quality silage with good starch digestibility. Double Pro trait package does well on rotated corn acres, should be kept off of long time corn after corn acres as there is no root worm protection, provides dual modes of action for above-ground insects (broad lepidopteran& corn borer), maximum control for corn earworm, no rootworm control.

    LIMITATIONS: Moderate Western Bean Cutworm protection.

    MANAGEMENT: Widely adapted to variable soil types.


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  • SW 4010GENSS (RIB)

    Proven high yield grain hybrid with good roll over silage performance for any acre in the maturity. Complete insect package with rootworm protection on corn after corn silage acres. Widely adapted north to south with deep kernel. Silage yields improve with higher populations.

    LIMITATIONS: Medium robust plant for silage.

    MANAGEMENT: Keep populations on the higher side for best silage yield on pre-planned silage acres.


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  • SW 4020LRR

    FLOURY hybrid with improved grain / stover digestibility for improved animal performance. High while plant silage yield potential.  Moves north of zone with wider harvest window than modern grain hybrids that dry quickly.  SW 4020LRR is easier to manage for best forage quality.

    LIMITATIONS: Moderate root strength. Choose other hybrids for extremely light soils such as sands and muck.

    MANAGEMENT: Use only for dedicated silage acres – SW 4020LRR will not be suitable for grain or high moisture ear corn.  Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 4029 3000GT

    Agrisure® 3000GT hybrid replacing former mainstay SW 3869 3000GT for grain and silage. SW 4029 3000GT has demonstrated more total yield and better yield consistency across environments than its predecessor. Wide acre hybrid with economical corn borer and rootworm protection.

    LIMITATIONS: Moderate stature in silage applications.

    MANAGEMENT: Keep silage specific acres planted at higher populations to capture full silage yield potential.


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  • SW 3937BMR

    SW 5410

    Conventional corn hybrid with stable high side yield potential, including stress sites. Outstanding root strength. Medium stature with very erect leaves, SW 5410 is ideally suited to high plant densities making efficient use of sunlight and nutrients. Performs well across variable conditions & management styles.

    LIMITATIONS: Like other conventionals it is susceptible to second generation corn borer. Not glyphosate tolerant.

    MANAGEMENT: Free native resistance to first generation corn borer. This is not a transgenic trait. Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 5440GENSS (RIB) & SW 5440GENVT2P (RIB)

    Exceptional grain yield potential and proven performers in wide areas of adaptation. Moves south better than SW 5430, the established product in the maturity. Consistent silage performance including the mid-south.

    LIMITATIONS: Avoid low populations for silage. The LibertyLink® option is only available for the SW 5440GENSS RIB option. Not the SW 5440GENVT2P RIB option.

    MANAGEMENT: Put on better ground to utilize the full genetics yield potential of the product.


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