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  • E390L & 3904LRR

    Leafy hybrid with the widest adaptation to northern silage acres we have ever seen. These hybrids combine grain yield, and silage quality into one package for any first or second year corn acre. Add grain mold, native first generation corn borer, and North Corn Leaf Blight resistance.

    LIMITATIONS: Average Gray Leaf Spot resistance. SW E390L is not glyphosate tolerant.

    MANAGEMENT:  Use in first and second year corn for maximum yield and forage quality. Solid in reduced tillage. Structured refuge options.


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  • SW 1990GT & 1994GT

    Conventional and single trait glyphosate versions of this short season winner across Northern zones where good plant and ear size fit dual purpose acres. Maintains stature across variable conditions. Population flexible. Good early vigor, fast drydown, good starch and oil content for high quality feed on farm.

    Limitations: Adequate roots for general use. Roots may not be adequate for muck soils.

    Management: Use for short maturity, strong emergence, high grain yield in maturity and ability to produce across variable soil types.

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  • SW 2359 3000GT

    Consistent producer of silage, especially suited to longer corn rotations where rootworm protection is necessary. Medium height in maturity with outstanding stalks and roots. Widely adapted on high yield or lower productivity sites. Increases performance as soil improves. Good grain content silage.

    LIMITATIONS: Average plant size for silage.

    MANAGEMENT: Benefits from starter and sidedress nitrogen. Low populations for silage may limit whole plant yield potential.


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  • SW 2750 & SW 2754RR

    Conventional and glyphosate tolerant northern adapted hybrids for grain and dual purpose use. Genetic resistance to many ear molds. Medium to medium plus stature in maturity. Solid agronomics including roots. Moves north well and up to higher elevations to cooler environments. Soft textured grain.

    LIMITATIONS: No trait insect protection.

    MANAGEMENT: Use for consistent silage yield with good feeding quality. Bonus acres make good high moisture corn. Structured refuge options.


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  • SW 2840GENVT2P (RIB)

    Very good silage option for long rotation silage at high populations. RIB – no refuge requirements. Common Rust resistance.

    Limitations: Fixed ear. Use with higher populations.

    Management: Ideal fit for corn after corn acres.


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  • SW 3019GTCBLL

    Leafy hybrid with total yield and quality package in the early maturity for silage. Extremely high grain yield in grain trials which indicates favorable grain/stover relationship. Favorable fiber digestibility with elevated grain digestibility, confirmed by in vitro laboratory testing.

    LIMITATIONS: No trait rootworm protection for long term continuous corn silage acres.

    MANAGEMENT: Supply nutrients for high silage yield. This Leafy, like all Leafy hybrids, is indeterminate in growth and will continue to get taller after flowering, during the grain fill period. This means late season nutrient supply to canopy and ear is going on at the same time. Nutrient supply in the second half of the season supports increased silage yield and quality.


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  • SW 3110GENSS (RIB) & SW 3110 GENVT2P (RIB)

    Solid silage yield potential with SmartStax® and VT Double Pro® options on same base genetics. SmartStax® RIB Complete for broad acre use in longer corn rotations, and Double Pro for first and second-year corn. Very good stand establishment and early vigor for early planting and reduced tillage.

    LIMITATIONS: The LibertyLink® option is only available for the SW 3110GENSS RIB option. Not the SW 3110GENVT2P RIB option.

    MANAGEMENT: Maximize silage yield with higher populations.


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  • SW 3569 3110 & SW 3569 5222

    High yield, stable yielding silage hybrid with Viptera® 3110 and Duracade® 5222 options. Holds plant size well across environments. SW 3569 3110 best fits first and second-year corn, and SW 3569 5222 is best for second-year corn and longer corn rotations. Highly productive grain and silage.

    LIMITATIONS: SW 3569 3110 no rootworm protection.

    MANAGEMENT: Use on any acre.


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  • SW 3600GENSS (RIB)

    Exceptional consistency of performance for grain and silage. Rootworm and corn borer protected for continuous corn silage acres. One of the most versatile SmartStax® hybrids we have seen across eastern and northern environments. Holds plant size well across varying soils.

    LIMITATIONS: Average Gray Leaf Spot resistance.

    MANAGEMENT: Use on long term corn silage acres where corn after corn requires trait insect protection. Good for the reduced tillage acre.


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  • SW 3640 & SW 3654RR

    High yielding conventional and single trait glyphosate tolerant hybrids for maximum silage yield and quality. Solid disease package. Good agronomics with medium tall stature and strong ear flex make these hybrids effective across soil types and management.

    LIMITATIONS: No GMO insect trait protection.

    MANAGEMENT: Good where ear flex and high grain & stover digestibility are important. Versatile and management flexible. Structured refuge options.

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  • SW 3750

    SW 3750

    Strong conventional grain yield contributes to high-quality silage in northern environments. Medium stature, excellent roots. SW 3750 flowers early for maturity with fast maturation rate in northern zones and at elevation. Adequate foliar blight resistance, will show light/late symptoms without affecting yield.

    LIMITATIONS: Conventional without trait insect protection.

    MANAGEMENT: Strongest performance in first and second-year corn. Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 3768GENSS (RIB)

    SmartStax® hybrid with complete insect protection package for continuous silage acres. Strong grain performance contributes to quality silage. Good Northern Corn Leaf Blight resistance and agronomics, performing well north and south. Leader product where insect protection is needed on continuous corn acres.

    LIMITATIONS: Fast growth, heavy draw on nutrients. In poor drainage situations evaluate nitrogen supply, sidedress nitrogen if denitrification occurs.

    MANAGEMENT: Excellent in high residue conditions.


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