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  • Alfa-Sow™

    FSG 426 Alfalfa and Extend Hulled Orchardgrass Mix

    (90% FSG 426 Alfalfa • 10% Extend Orchardgrass)

    FSG 426 alfalfa and Extend “Easy Sow” hulled orchardgrass makes the perfect blend for your high production hay acres. These varieties will help ensure the perfect blend that will not bridge in your drill like regular orchardgrass. Don’t waste your time blending your seed at the planter or worrying about two separate seed boxes – JUST FILL YOUR SEED BOX AND SOW YOUR FIELDS! FSG 426 alfalfa is treated with both All-Vantage™ and Aquabond™ to promote germination and stand establishment.

  • Pro Beef

    Pasture Mix (25lb/acre)

    arm Science Genetics®. Maximize beef animal per acre return. High-quality ingredients blended in the proper rations.

    40% Tall Fescue • 23% Orchardgrass • 10% Intermediate Ryegrass • 10% Perennial Ryegrass • 6% Timothy 6% Red Clover • 5% Ladino White Clover

  • Pro Dairy

    Pasture Mix (25lb/acre)

    Farm Science Genetics®. Maximize the performance of dairy cattle. Grasses and clover provide yield, nutrition, stand persistence and disease resistance.

    25% Orchardgrass • 20% Perennial Ryegrass • 15% Festulolium • 15% Timothy • 10% Branch Root Alfalfa • 10% Red Clover 5% Ladino White Clover

  • Pro Horse

    Pasture Mix (25lb/acre)

    Farm Science Genetics®. Formulated to meet the special needs of horses, while withstanding intense grazing pressure.

    45% Orchardgrass • 30% Perennial Ryegrass • 10% Festulolium 10% Timothy • 5% Kentucky Bluegrass


    Sprint Maxx is a forage blend of Haywire Brand Oats and Stockade Brand Peas. It produces high yields of high quality forage in dairy and beef areas throughout the Northern United States.  Sprint-Maxx provides a quick source of forages within 60 days of planting and can be used as companion crop to establish alfalfa or it can follow winter wheat if planted within the first 2 weeks of August. Seed at 80-120 lbs. per acre.

  • Ultimate Grazer

    Pasture Mix (25lb/acre)

    Mixture designed for the intense grazer. Provides high forage quality and digestibility. If you need to increase milk pounds or body weight…this one will satisfy needs!

    35% Devour • 30% SugarCrest Festulolium • 25% TetraSweet
    Perennial Ryegrass • 5% Stamina White Clover • 5% Wildcat Red Clover