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  • SW 3768GENSS (RIB)

    SW 3768GENSS (RIB)

    Big grain yield potential with solid eastern U.S. adaption.  SmartStax® RIB Complete® for broad acre use and longer corn rotations. Solid agronomics round out this leading product good for high-residue acres. A must try grain hybrid.

    LIMITATIONS: Fast growth, heavy draw on nutrients. In poor drainage, situations evaluate nitrogen supply, sidedress nitrogen if denitrification occurs.

    MANAGEMENT: SmartStax® recommended for longer rotations and excellent in high residue conditions. Excellent response to high fertility.

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  • SW 3820
  • SW 3854RR

    SW 3854RR

    Single-trait Roundup® with excellent southern and northern adaptation for easy placement. Versatile across soil types and harvest methods. Also versatile for grain, snaplage, silage, and any type of harvest methods. Native Anthracnose stalk rot resistance.

    LIMITATIONS: No trait insect protection.

    MANAGEMENT: Versatile, all uses, adds genetic diversity while fitting most rotation needs – performed in high residue conditions. Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 3874RR

    SW 3874RR

    Single-trait Roundup®, widely adapted with good plant height for grain and silage use. Versatile across soil types and harvest methods. Fits grain, snaplage, silage and any type of harvest. Native Anthracnose stalk rot resistance.

    LIMITATIONS: Taller and higher eared than most grain hybrids.

    MANAGEMENT: Use as a broad acre single trait glyphosate choice for grain and dual purpose acres. Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 3970 3111

    SW 3970 3111

    Exceptionally wide adaptation where the maturity is grown, including the mid-south. Medium to short plant height in the south with height increasing in the north, especially with later northern planting. Special hybrid with early maturity, yield. Keep populations on the higher side, especially for silage.

    MANAGEMENT: Keep populations on the higher side for the soil resource.

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  • SW 3980

    SW 3980

    Conventional grain profile hybrid with additional dual purpose fit. Primary performer with grain with nice silage fit from central Pennsylvania and north. High end grain yield on rotated conventional acres. Good choice where northern corn blight can be a problem.

    LIMITATIONS: High row count hybrid with limited ear flex. Keep populations at medium to high levels.

    MANAGEMENT: Position on goodfirst or second year acres. Excellent option where there is a Northern Corn Leaf Blight history. Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 4000GENSS (RIB)

    SW 4000GENSS (RIB)

    Grain yielder with drydown in SmartStax® RIB Complete® package. Plot topping history in high yield locations. SmartStax® RIB Complete® for broad acre use and longer corn rotations. Good performance in-zone and north of zone.

    LIMITATIONS: Moderate western bean cutworm protection.

    MANAGEMENTS: Point to high yielding acres.

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  • SW 4010GENSS (RIB)

    SW 4010GENSS (RIB)

    Proven eastern yielder with drydown. SmartStax® RIB Complete® for broad acre use, including longer corn rotations. Combination of yield, agronomics and drydown make for profitable grain production.

    LIMITATIONS: Average Gray Leaf Spot tolerance.

    MANAGEMENT: Moderate fungicide response due to solid disease package, with best fungicide response under early and heavy disease pressure.

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  • SW 4029 3000GT

    SW 4029 3000GT

    More yield, more consistency and less sensitivity to cold than popular predecessor SW 3869. Nice 3000GT option for the longer corn rotation that needs rootworm protection. Consistent ear development down row cranks out grain yield.

    LIMITATIONS: May hand snap on the hard side.

    MANAGEMENT: Use for economical insect protection, including rootworm, on any acre.

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  • SW 5410

    SW 5410

    Erect leaved conventional grain hybrid with consistent performance for grain and dual purpose acres. Exceptional drydown and test weight, including northern environments and cooler locations. Grain matures well when planted early and late, including the north.

    LIMITATIONS: May show late season Northern Corn Leaf Blight of certain races – good record maintaining yield in presence of NCLB over years.

    MANAGEMENT: Good choice across variable soils. Free native genetic resistance to first generation corn borer. Like other conventionals has limited resistance to second generation corn borer. Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 5430 GENSS (RIB)
  • SW 5440GENSS (RIB) & SW 5440GENVT2P (RIB)

    SW 5440GENSS (RIB) & SW 5440GENVT2P (RIB)

    Exceptional grain yield potential. Proven performers in wide area of adaptation. Moves south better than SW 5430, the established product in the maturity. High and consistent grain performance including the mid-south.

    LIMITATIONS: Low populations could limit yield potential. The LibertyLink™ option is only available for the SW 5440GENSS RIB option. Not the SW 5440GENVT2P RIB option.

    MANAGEMENT: Plant populations should be on the high side for the soil resource and managed for high yield.

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