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  • Dominate Tall Fescue

    • Medium maturing variety with erect growth habit
    • Endophyte free
    • High tiller density
    • Higher digestibility and ideal for winter stockpiling
    • Great stand persistence and excellent drought tolerance

  • FLOURISH Tall Fescue

    Farm Science Genetics®. Fast regrowth, excellent yield and forage quality. Mid-late maturing, use alone or with grasses and legumes for high quality hay, ensilage, or pasture. Low endophyte levels make it palatable for animals. Seed at 25-40 lbs. alone, 4-12 lbs. in mixes.

  • PREVAL Meadow Fescue

    Use in forage blends to improve summer productivity for grazing or hay. Medium-maturity.  Excellent palatability and digestibility. Excellent for rotational grazing. High yield with wide, succulent leaves. Good regrowth. Tolerates wet soil and close grazing. Seed at 35-45 lbs. alone, 10-15 lbs. in mixes.

  • TETON II Tall Fescue

    Teton II is fast establishing, exceptionally high yielding, medium maturing, soft leaf tall fescue that is an upright variety with a broad crown, very resistant to diseases. Teton II is well adapted for hay and pasture production and shows excellent persistence. Teton II is endophyte free. Teton II is best suited to high fertility and heavy soils and can withstand acid, alkaline as well as poorly drained soils. Best growth is achieved during spring and fall seasons, with moderate growth during the summer season.