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  • SW 1990 & SW 1994GT

    Conventional and single trait glyphosate versions of this short season winner across Northern zones where good plant and ear size fit dual purpose acres. Maintains stature across variable conditions. Population flexible. Good early vigor, fast drydown, good starch and oil content for high quality feed on farm.

    LIMITATIONS: Adequate roots for general use. Roots may not be adequate for muck soils.

    MANAGEMENT: Use for short maturity, strong emergence, high grain yield in maturity and ability to produce across variable soil types.

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  • SW 2190GENSS (RIB)

    Consistent yields for good & variable soils with strong agronomics. SmartStax (RIB) for broad acre use in longer corn rotations. Premier rootworm product under 85 days RM.

    MANAGEMENT: Good fit for corn on corn acres.


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  • SW 2360 & SW 2369 3000GT

    Good conventional grain yield with potential for profitable northern grain production. Well adapted in eastern highland areas of Maryland and Pennsylvania to the Canadian border. Handles Eyespot well in years that the disease is present.

    Management: Use conventional in first and second-year corn. 3000GT is best used for longer corn rotations. SW 2360 is a structural refuge option and is not glyphosate tolerant.


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  • SW 2840GENVT2P (RIB)

    Excellent top-end yield for ideal and variable yield environments. Very good stand establishment and early vigor for early planting and reduced tillage. RIB – no refuge requirements. Common Rust resistant. Above average tolerance to NCLB.

    LIMITATIONS: Fixed ear. Use with higher populations.

    MANAGEMENT: Ideal fit for corn after corn acres.


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  • SW 3110GENSS (RIB) & SW 3110GENVT2P (RIB)

    Big grain yield potential with SmartStax® and Double Pro® options on same-base genetics. SmartStax® RIB Complete® for broad acre use and longer corn rotations, Double Pro® for first and second-year corn. Very good stand establishment and early vigor for early planting and reduced tillage.

    LIMITATIONS: The LibertyLink™ option is only available for the SW 3110GENSS RIB option. Not the SW 3110GENVT2P RIB option.

    MANAGEMENT: Good yield fit to high medium and low yield acres. Flexible.


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  • SW 3569 3110 & SW 3569 5222

    High and stable yielding grain hybrid with Viptera® 3110 and Duracade® 5222 options. Holds plant size well across environments with very good fit for silage. SW 3569 3110 best fits first and second-year corn. SW 3569 5222 best fits second-year corn and longer corn rotations. Highly productive for grain and silage.

    LIMITATIONS: Cold conditions late season may slow grain finish in extreme northern zones.

    MANAGEMENT: Strong performing broad acre product that can rise to highest yield levels when good conditions enable peak performance.


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  • SW 3590GENVT2P (RIB)

    Grain and silage yield performance leads industry at maturity. Must try hybrid for broad acre use on short and medium corn rotations. Adaptable across locations in research trials.

    MANAGEMENT: Target first or second year corn acres.


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  • SW 3600GENSS (RIB)

    Star grain yielder over acres and years with good drydown from top eastern performance. SmartStax® RIB Complete® package for broad insect control and ease of use. Elite grain hybrid with utility to work for silage as well.

    LIMITATIONS: Average Gray Leaf Spot resistance.

    MANAGEMENT: Use in any position across the corn rotation, including corn after corn, and reduced tillage systems.


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  • SW 3624RR

    Single trait Roundup with excellent north / south adaptation for easy placement. Versatile across soil types and harvest methods. Excellent consistency of performance over locations and years. Nice grain or silage fit on Roundup acres.

    MANAGEMENT: Best fit on first and second year corn acres.

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  • SW 3664RR

    Extremely productive dual purpose hybrid for grain and silage with grain drydown. Holds plant size well across environments with ear flex seldom seen in the maturity. Nice snapper and husker with ear flex to accommodate a wide range of populations. Elite dual purpose hybrid for HMC, snaplage, silage and support use for grain.

    LIMITATIONS: No GMO insect trait protection – rootworm protection unsuitable for long corn rotations.

    MANAGEMENT: Exceptional choice where ear flex is an advantage. Recommend medium to high populations in high fertility environments. Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 3750

    Conventional grain profile hybrid with good silage production at higher populations. Exceptional drydown including northern environments and cooler locations at elevation. Efficient plant profile for good water utilization. Good stand establishment history suited for minimum tillage and early planting. Drys well in field, reducing drying cost and boosting grain profitability.

    LIMITATIONS: May show late foliar lesions – has not affected grain fill or test weight. Not glyphosate tolerant.

    MANAGEMENT: Strongest performance in first and second year corn. Very good yield history following soybeans. Structured refuge option.

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  • SW 3768GENSS (RIB)

    Big grain yield potential with solid eastern U.S. adaption.  SmartStax® RIB Complete® for broad acre use and longer corn rotations. Solid agronomics round out this leading product good for high-residue acres. A must try grain hybrid.

    LIMITATIONS: Fast growth, heavy draw on nutrients. In poor drainage, situations evaluate nitrogen supply, sidedress nitrogen if denitrification occurs.

    MANAGEMENT: SmartStax® recommended for longer rotations and excellent in high residue conditions. Excellent response to high fertility.


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