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  • BEARCAT Red Clover

    Complimented by aggressive regrowth and a superior disease resistance package, it has shown outstanding stand persistence and high forage yield. With its strong disease resistance, hardiness, and aggressive regrowth it’s proven to be consistently productive in adverse environments.

  • CRUSADE White Clover

    Farm Science Genetics®. Improved winter regrowth. Extended grazing potential during colder months. Early and vigorous flowering. Disease resistance and strong regrowth after cutting. Seed at 5-8 lbs. alone, 2 lbs. in mixes.

  • FROSTY Berseem Clover

    Berseem clover, Trifolium alexandrinum, is a cool-season annual legume. Featuring salt tolerance, high nitrogen fixation, and a synergistic relationship to alfalfa. Frosty, while preserving its Mediterranean genetics, has been bred for later maturity, cold tolerance, productivity, and nutritional value. Frosty has very low hard seed counts, allowing for quick= establishment and lessening its potential to become a weed.

  • FSG 402 Red Clover

    Farm Science Genetics®. High yield potential, unmatched forage quality, excellent disease resistance, superior persistence. Highly resistant to Northern and Southern anthracnose and powdery mildew. Performs across wide geography and variable conditions. Seed at 10-12 lbs. alone, 4-8 lbs. in mixes.

  • JUMBO II Ladino Clover

    Ladino-type that is more vigorous and recovers faster than most other white clovers. Improved disease resistance. Characterized by large leaves; up to 3 in ideal conditions. Persists under grazing and hay production and on limited resource soils. Seed at 5-8 lbs. alone, 2 lbs. in mixes.

  • PARDEE Trefoil

    Farm Science Genetics®. Outstanding yield potential, persistence and resistance to fusarium wilt. Earlier than Norcen and Viking, upright, vigorous growing hay type. Good for long term rotations and may have a place in snout beetle infested areas where alfalfa will not survive. Cut no lower than 5′ to ensure good stand health. Trefoil persists in soils that may not maintain stands of other legumes.
    Seed at 8-10 lbs. alone, 2-8 lbs. in mixes.

  • PINNACLE Ladino Clover

    Farm Science Genetics®. High yield potential. Excellent seedling vigor and stolen activity. Resists leaf diseases and fi eld viruses. Superior persistence. Drought tolerant, widely adapted, ideal for pastures. Seed at 5-8 lbs. alone, 2 lbs. in mixes.

  • STAMINA White Clover

    A new intermediate- type white clover with high stolen density helping it spread aggressively and rootdown avoiding hoof and grazing pressure. Excellent yield and persistence for a long haul clover